A game for those who cannot imagine their life without adrenaline!

In the arsenal of the event agency in Kharkiv, Prosto Event Egency, an amazing attraction for rent has appeared, which quickly became popular among our customers and regular customers - a stun gun!

Despite its slightly sinister name, this attraction for rent for a holiday is completely harmless and gives only positive emotions to all game participants.

  • For a children's birthday - the guys always enthusiastically want to test how this device works. In addition, you can easily adjust the strength of the attraction and for children it will be something like a light tickle. Do not be afraid, everything is thought out to the smallest detail and therefore it is safe.
  • Corporate or team building. We love to make holidays where we surprise people with innovations, discoveries, unexpected gadgets. And the organization of a corporate party is just a great opportunity for us to unleash the full potential of modern activity points for the holiday.
  • Adult Birthday. Adults are always a little child at heart too. And sometimes the delight that we see in the eyes of adult customers and clients is even greater than in children. Therefore, a stun gun is perfect for entertaining guests during smoking breaks or before a feast.

Rental time: 6 o'clock

Included in the price:

  • The game "Electroshock"
  • assembly and disassembly

Technical requirements:

  • game table


  • delivery outside of Kharkov is calculated separately
  • animator

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What is the essence of the attraction stun gun?

This is entertainment for those who are interested in testing luck and luck, as well as testing themselves for reaction and dexterity. Each player receives a special remote with a button, and on the shocker itself there is a small red flashing lamp. When the lamp stops flashing, it is important to have time to press the button, who will respond last - to receive a small discharge of current.

The strength of the current will in no case bring you any harm and the “electric shock” will more resemble a light tickling.

Why is it worth ordering a stun gun for a holiday?

  • This is a new trend in the field of attractions in Kharkov
  • It's always fun and interesting for audiences of all ages.
  • The ability to adjust the settings of the shocker and control the strength of the current
  • Ease of use and minimum site requirements
  • Mobility and accessibility in transportation

We are always happy to diversify your event and bring new colors to it. Thanks to those who have been choosing us for a long time as the organizers of their family and professional holidays. And if you haven’t worked with us yet, it’s worth trying just once and we will become reliable friends with you!

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