Giga Pong is the "Star" of Corporate Parties and Team Buildings!

It is impossible to imagine corporate events without mobile fun games that create a friendly atmosphere and unite the team. The portfolio of Pro100 Event Agency has a lot of entertainment, both well-known and exclusive. Our know-how, so loved by customers - Giga Pong.

Giga Pong for the Holidays.

Giga Pong is a game of accuracy, dexterity and a good test for the amount of alcohol in the blood. And it will increase with each round! So, those present are divided into 2 teams and stand at a distance from each other. In front of each team are 6 barrels and 6 glasses of juice, beer or any other alcoholic beverage. The host hands the participants balls for Beer Pong - and away we go! Players try to throw the ball into the opponent's barrel. If the ball hits the target, a member of the defeated team drinks the contents of the glass. The player whose glasses are empty first loses. But the losing team will not be upset if you play for something stronger than juice. So drink choice matters!

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Rental time: 6 o'clock

Included in the price:

  • assembly and disassembly
  • balls for Beer Pong
  • beer glasses

Technical requirements:

  • flat ground


  • delivery across Ukraine
  • beer
  • referee

We will bring Giga Pong to any party!

We often include Giga Pong in the scenario of events from Pro100 Event Agency, and we can also provide an attraction for rent in Kharkov, Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine. Rental time - 6 hours (or more for an additional fee). The price includes: installation and dismantling, barrels, Beer Pong balls, beer cups. All you need to play is a level playing field. Also, for a fee, we will provide a cheerful and incorruptible judge who will make sure that the battle is fair.

Giga Pong is a wonderful game for the summer, full of excitement, drive and competitive spirit. It is often ordered for bachelor parties, corporate parties, team building and other outdoor events. Giga Pong not only does not reduce the degree of fun, but also increases it!

If you would like to rent a Giga Pong, please contact Pro100 Event Agency. We will tell you all the nuances, bring and install the game, and also conduct a quick master class.

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