Do you already know who is the smartest and most accurate in your company?

We have a great way to check this by simply ordering an attraction rental for your holiday. Giga tower attraction is a great entertainment for the whole company. After all, it is interesting not only to take part here, but also to observe who will be the winner. The most real emotions, genuine joy and sincere indignation - all this is an attraction for a holiday from the Pro100 Event Agency team.

How it works?

If you have ever played the board game Django, it will not be difficult for you to imagine what Giga Tower is. The participants of the game take turns placing blocks one on one, trying to keep the balance of the tower. Who destroys the balance - he lost. Everything is extremely simple!

Such entertainment for a summer corporate party in nature is an opportunity for everyone to have fun and unwind. What are the other advantages of the Giant Tower attraction for rent in Kharkov?

  • It's easy and simple. No special skills and abilities are required from the participants.
  • There are no site requirements for electricity. You can order the game even for a corporate party in the forest.
  • Antistress game. During the game, everyone forgets about their worries and problems, acquaintance becomes easy and relaxed.
  • You can arrange championships between teams, which will help to involve more guests in activity.
  • The cost includes the work of the presenter. All the time the activity point is rented, there is a host on the site who helps, prompts, and sometimes distracts everyone at the holiday with his jokes and jokes.

Rental time: up to 6 hours.

Included in the price:

  • animator - host
  • assembly and disassembly
  • full set of necessary equipment
  • master class for beginners

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How much does it cost to rent an attraction in Kharkov?

Giant Tower is a fairly inexpensive game for a corporate party or any private holiday. It is easy not only to use, but also to maintain, so the price of the attraction in Kharkov will be pleasant for your pocket.

To clarify the cost of renting an interactive zone, contact the managers and they will make you a miscalculation in accordance with your individual request. Be sure that the Pros100 Event agency is the place where you will get the most accurate price-quality ratio.

Our experience shows that both a small event and a large event for hundreds of people will become brighter and more interesting if you diversify your guests' leisure time with unusual entertainment. Our event agency in Kharkiv is ready to provide you with a full consultation on organizing holidays from A to Z. Together with you we will put together the perfect holiday!

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