Do you want to conquer the expanses of water like brave captains, or just arrange a romantic walk together with your loved one away from prying eyes?

For the brave and romantic, there is one universal solution - a boat trip in Kharkov. With Prosto Event you can rent a boat easily and without problems: you just need to call us and event agency managers will select a comfortable and beautiful boat for you.

We not only saw in the photo what your boat for rent will look like, we constantly carefully check the quality of all the rides for rent in order to make our customers as happy as possible.

Boat trip - an idea for an original date

In order to win the heart of his beloved, men today are becoming more original and inventive. The idea for a date "Romantic boat trip" is your opportunity to make an unexpected surprise for a girl, which she will definitely remember for a long time.

  • If you decide to rent a boat for a date, you can get the most private environment without prying eyes.
  • Simply Event can organize an original date in Kharkiv for you: we will pick up snacks and drinks for a date, take care of blankets if you want to arrange a walk in the evening or, perhaps, fireworks at the appointed time.
  • You can make an original offer just during a walk. The girl simply will not have a chance to refuse you.
  • You can guide the boat on your own after the briefing or use the services of our captain to fully enjoy the atmosphere of the trip without thinking about the route.

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Go on a boat trip with the whole family!

Do you want to organize a family weekend? And it is desirable so that it was not a banal weekend with walks in the park? The creative event agency Pro100 Event has an offer for you - rent a boat in Kharkov!

Our spacious boats for rent are perfect for a trip with two or even three kids. So that you do not worry about their safety during the walk, we will provide life jackets. Your team for a safe and enjoyable holiday for the whole family!

How much does a boat trip cost?

The cost of renting a boat in Kharkov does not differ in many ways from different companies. But with Pro100 Event Agency you have the opportunity not just to rent a boat, but to get a comprehensive service for organizing a family vacation, a romantic date or even a small party with friends on a boat.

The price of the boat for rent will be even more favorable for you if you book your date in advance. To clarify the cost or ask questions about a boat for rent or any other attraction or service, you can contact us by phone, in any messenger convenient for you, or by leaving a request on the site.

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