Do you like extreme sports and are looking for unusual emotions?

It’s great that you’ve come to the page of an event agency in Kharkov, where you can rent ATVs and fully enjoy extreme off-road driving.

With us you can order both a pair ride on ATVs and a group ride. And even a quest on ATVs! These are impressions that you will want to repeat.

An idea for a small corporate event - ATV riding!

Large-scale companies celebrate corporate events on a grand scale: book a recreation center for a corporate event, order animators and a show program. All this is accessible and easy for them. But what to do if you have a small business, but you also want to celebrate your corporate event in a cool way and you know that team building and corporate spirit are important?

The event simply offers a solution for a small corporate event - ATV riding in Kharkov.

  • For any company. Even if you only have 2 employees, we will figure out how to make the route cool and bright.
  • Individual program: our event managers will think over a scenario for a small corporate event so that all guests will find it interesting, safe, and fun!
  • Possibility of holding a buffet or picnic at the end of the ride. Renting an ATV is great, but eating and drinking at a corporate party is still an option. We can organize a buffet, hold a mini-banquet or even a corporate picnic. You want to relax with your colleagues.

How extreme the ATV trip route will be is up to you!


Rental time: up to 4 hours.

Included in the price:

  • attraction
  • assembly and disassembly

Technical requirements:

  • flat ground


  • Instructor
  • delivery is calculated separately

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Why is it best to book an ATV ride with us?

Of course, every company that rents ATVs and other attractions says that they have the best and most favorable conditions. Why then should you stop at the Pro100 Event?

  • We have been working for more than 5 years and value our reputation very much. Therefore, we always carefully test all the services and products we offer. With us, renting ATVs and watercraft will be easy, safe and reliable.
  • We appreciate your time. And we know how unpleasant the wait can be. Especially if you come on vacation. With us, everything is strictly according to plan, no delays or postponements.
  • You don't have to think about anything, we take care of all the details. You talk about your desires, and we will make them come true. From rental of attractions to printing and branding. From selecting a presenter to technical support for the site. A team of professional event managers and organizers approaches any task with equal responsibility.

You can order ATVs in Kharkov anywhere, but you can’t get a high level of service everywhere. By choosing us, you choose your peace of mind!

DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION ?! Would you like us to call you back?

Fill out the feedback form and our operators will contact you within 10-15 minutes!

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