Logic games

A new point of activity from the best event agency in Kharkov for those who like to work with their heads!

A whole range of logic games for a corporate party, a meeting area for guests or a private event. Test yourself and your guests for sleight of hand and mind.

Why logic games?

Of course, a holiday is, first of all, fun. But logic games are not boring at all, but rather quite the contrary. From our own experience, we know that during the "battle" serious battles flare up and all participants get the maximum of emotions. Logic games for rent are:

  • Mind training
  • Opportunity to involve the maximum number of participants
  • Universal entertainment regardless of gender and age
  • Minimum number of technical requirements
  • Constant replenishment of the game library
  • Different difficulty levels
  • The most positive and useful emotions

If you decide to rent logic games, it is best, of course, to take more mobile attractions in the complex. And so exactly the opposite. After all, all guests are different and it has been verified from personal experience that we all have different preferences and there is a connoisseur for every entertainment.

For which company are custom-made logic games suitable?

As we said, it's fun and interesting for all ages and professions.

  • Children's holiday. In order for your children to be busy with something interesting and useful, logic games are best suited. Together with you, we will select the optimal level of difficulty and make the holiday as enjoyable as possible for the child.
  • corporate event. Corporate is usually a large company of people who are not always well acquainted with each other. Such attractions are a great opportunity to introduce everyone and check which of the employees is the smartest.
  • Private holiday. Gathering area or meeting area - a place where they usually spend about an hour. Snacks and drinks alone may not be enough to make your guests feel comfortable, and more active rides for rent are not suitable for all celebration formats.

Our managers will help you choose the set of games to order that best suits your tasks. Also, in addition, you can order the design or branding of the gaming area. So you can also get either a bright decor element or additional advertising for your own brand. After all, it is simply impossible not to take a couple of photos in this zone!

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