The game "Bust the Balloon" is an attraction for a corporate party that comes from childhood.

There are games that bring pleasure and joy generation after generation. And the most interesting thing is that some of these entertainments for adults and children do not get bored over the years! The game "Bust the balloon" or "Monsters Darts", as it is sometimes called, is one of those entertainments for children and adults that you remember first of all.

This attraction for rent in Kharkov from the Prosto Event agency combines the rules of darts and a prize shooting range.

Have you ever played darts? Even if they did not play, which is almost impossible, at least they watched this entertainment. This means that the rules are extremely familiar: players receive darts, then their main task is to hit the target. Usually, if you want to play darts, you will be prompted to aim at a round target, but not in this case.

Why is ball and dart ride rental so popular?

If you rent the game "Balloon Burst" for a corporate party in Kharkov, then the main task is to burst the balloon with darts! It turns out loud, fun and, moreover, very recklessly. After all, everyone knows how much you want to win a toy in the machine “with a claw” or hit all the targets in the prize shooting range in order to pick up that very cherished bear! Ordering the attraction "Monsters Darts" for a corporate party is to provide fun and relaxed leisure for all your employees.


Rental time: up to 4 hours.

Included in the price:

  • attraction
  • assembly and disassembly

Technical requirements:

  • flat ground
  • 1 x 2 x 0.6 m


  • Instructor
  • delivery across Ukraine

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Prizes for an activity point for rent can be chosen at your discretion. It can be just cute little plushies or bottles of champagne or whiskey that will make older men want to try their hand. Also, our agency can develop branded gifts especially for you: from pens and key rings to clothes with company prints and even totems.

Best of all, such a game for rent is suitable for outdoor corporate parties or as entertainment during the gathering of guests at a birthday party. If you like mysteries and adventures, we can organize a quest with pleasure, including organically adding "Monsters Darts" to it.

In order to make the game more interesting and dynamic, Prosto Event offers to order an instructor-animator who will tell you how to play, will be able to support a not very lucky player or encourage a lucky one. We have both an animator for children's parties and adult animators who can work with different ages and companies.

For what format is the Burst the Ball attraction suitable for rent in Kharkov?

Our experience in creating bright and beautiful holidays makes it possible to say that the rental and rental of games is an opportunity to make any event richer. This is especially true for large companies of 70-80 people, where representatives of different generations and lovers of different types of recreation gather. Playing with balls and darts is a great way to entertain the company during a summer corporate party or outdoor team building.

Pro100 Event Kharkiv has specialists who will help you choose the best solution for your event, tell you how to save the budget for the holiday, select a photographer and videographer for the holiday. For us, each event organized by us is a small life that we live in a buzz. What we want for all our clients!

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