Have you ever seen the hero of a movie dip his face into a cake or pie?

In honor of the birthday, or help in the course of throwing food. Or maybe you yourself had to do a similar prank with someone or become its object?

In general, in any case, you have heard or seen this entertainment at least once in your life.

And we, the best agency for renting and renting attractions, have prepared entertainment for you that will make even the most inveterate skeptics smile. The game "Roulette Tor" is a combination of the favorite entertainment of many - roulette and fun fun tossing pies.

How to play Pie in the Face or Cake Roulette game?

The game has extremely simple rules that will be easy for even the most children aged 5 and up to follow. So, in the playing set there is a special mechanism with a hand, on which the very “cake” is placed, which is destined to meet someone's face. By the way, the cake can be replaced with anything: cream, ketchup, sour cream. In general, there are no gastronomic restrictions.

Next, the player will have to spin the roulette wheel, the field contains numbers indicating how many turns on the mechanism will need to be done.

The most intense moment comes when the player starts to rotate the lever. The mechanism itself determines when the cake, or any other product, will fly into the player's face. You can only rely on luck. Everything is like in real roulette!

Rental time: 6 o'clock

Included in the price:

  • Roulette Cake
  • assembly and disassembly

Technical requirements:

  • game table


  • delivery outside of Kharkov is calculated separately
  • animator

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The game for rent "Roulette-Cake" for children and only, you might think. But our experience suggests that this attraction in Kharkov brings fun to everyone, regardless of age. Adults are so passionately involved in the game that sometimes it seems that the game was invented especially for them.

If you doubt whether such entertainment is suitable for a holiday for your event, you can consult our event managers for free and they will tell you which attractions and activity points for rent are suitable for your company, what is better to take for a summer corporate party, and what fit into a themed birthday.

The Pie in the Face game in Kharkiv is just one of the dozens of entertainment that Prosto Event can offer you in order to organize an unusual holiday for children or teenagers. Our arsenal includes a huge range of both classic and high-tech games for all ages and any event format.

The game "Roulette Cake" is best, of course, suitable for holding a children's birthday. It is important that this entertainment does not require special technical capabilities of the site and can captivate your kids for a long time.

You can rent the game "Pie in the face" together with an animator or a children's presenter who will help make the game even more interesting and eventful.

Preparing for children's parties is a special art, so if you don't know how to choose entertainment, whether decor is necessary for a children's event, how to choose a tasty and healthy menu - Prosto Ivent is a place where everyone knows from A to Z. Call us and be aware of all the trends and subtleties of organizing a children's event.

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