Water pipes

Remember, there was such a game on the phone where you had to join the fragments of the plumbing to make a whole system? So, the game from the screen with the help of the event agency in Kharkov Pro100 Event comes to life! This attraction for rent engages, entertains, captivates... and even those who have never heard of the game "Plumbing"!

After all, it is at the same time entertainment for a corporate party, an interactive zone for team building, an element of a quest and a game for a children's holiday. The Water Pipeline attraction is suitable for any age and in fact for any format of organizing a holiday in Kharkov.

How is the game "Vodoprovod" for hire?

The conditions of the game are as simple as possible, which makes it possible for everyone to participate, regardless of age and physical skills. You have to assemble the parts of a large constructor together so that you get a solid water pipe.

On the one hand, the task is very simple, but in fact it turns out that there are hundreds of options and the solution to the problem can only be found by joining forces with other participants.

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Attractions in Kharkov for rent - an excellent solution for corporate events

Organizing and holding corporate events is one of our favorite areas, so we know for sure that games and activity points will make your holiday brighter, more fulfilling and more interesting. Looking for a way to entertain your guests or are you wondering what team building games to play? Contact us and we will suggest the best solution for this task!

The game "Plumbing" for team building or corporate parties is a great leisure option:

  • Does not require additional equipment or technical capabilities of the site. You don't even need an outlet!
  • You can complete the task only by working in a team, which means that the game "Plumbing" is suitable for team building as best as possible. During the test, players need to interact with each other, which means that this will help to establish communication in the team and introduce employees.
  • A simple game for the Vodoprovod company gives everyone the opportunity to participate. Regardless of age, gender, height, physical fitness. This is a rental game in Kharkov for everyone!
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