An original gift for an anniversary? How to organize a special date for two? How to please a loved one? Where make an unforgettable proposal to a girl hands and hearts? How to surprise your friends?

If you are tired of banal gatherings in a cafe or restaurant with friends. If you want to surprise with an original act their loved ones. If you are looking for a charge of positive emotions - we congratulate you, these and many more other questions about organizing and conducting non-trivial congratulations, gifts and deeds decides "Pro100 Event Agency "!

We offer help to all those who are looking for an opportunity to give real emotions to their loved ones. Our task is organization of original holidays and large-scale celebrations in Kharkov and in Ukraine.

What are the reasons for the original gift in Kharkov?

We will be happy, regardless of the time of year, weather conditions and the occasion, to help you get the most of your pleasure and tell you how to surprise your family. It doesn't matter wedding anniversary, anniversary, Birthday or just a good day to to make a gift for a loved one.

In this section you will find not only an idea for a gift, but also its solution, be it organizing a romantic date, a rooftop party or even an airplane flight as a gift.

"Pro100 Event Agency": what is included in the complex organization of original gifts and actions?

For your special holiday to be held at the highest level behind us selection and preparation of the event location, technical support of the event... We offer selection and coordination of personnelnecessary to implement your idea.

The organizer of the most unusual events guarantees each client an individual creative approach. And, of course, we still have 1000 and 1 idea of original actions for "seasoned romantics". Even if you think that it is impossible to surprise you, then ideas for original actions and gifts about our competent managers will prove the opposite.

We always have a loyalty system for our beloved customers.

And, of course, the smile of our manager is what you always get in our company, regardless of whether you contact us for organizing a birthday in Kharkov, coordinating a wedding or an original congratulation.

Now you can easily order an original gift for a holiday and does not worry about its implementation: we will think about everything for you! You just have to enjoy, because the best gift is emotions!

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