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Creative professions are the easiest jobs that can be. You don't work especially physically, sit in your office or workshop and invent, create. But it only seems so, because it is the professions that are associated with the creation of something new, creative, unusual that most of all affect the psyche, and it is the people from this sphere that are most susceptible to emotional burnout. This is especially felt in the field of marketing, advertising and PR.

A corporate event for employees of advertising agencies or departments is something that a company simply vital in order to maintain the desired productivity and financial performance. If you are thinking about how to unite a team, what additional methods to motivate employees to use or how to relieve emotional stress - organizing team building for marketers, PR specialists and advertisers is what you need.

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Team building for an IT company

What is the peculiarity of conducting team building for creatives?

People who work in the field of advertising or PR are faced with complex and non-standard tasks every day, every day they work to bring their clients money, success and recognition. There is a stereotype in society that advertising and marketing is fun and easy. In fact, these people need rest the most. What format of copyright for an advertising agency to choose?

We offer many solutions for the celebration, for details you can contact our team building experts. But there are basic principles that should be adhered to in any holiday for marketers or PR specialists.

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Team building for an IT company
  • Give preference to active games and entertainment. Most of the advertising industry employees spend all their time in the offices behind the monitors, and an active summer or winter corporate party, the organization of which can be simple with Prosto Event, will help to change the type of activity, flutter and relax.
  • Try to leave online. Marketers and advertisers are people who are constantly in touch, constantly follow the trends, which means they do not "get out" of the network. Go offline, organizing team building for a PR company in the forest, far outside the city, or, if the budget of a corporate party allows, somewhere by the sea or in the mountains, will give motivation and inspiration to work and create.
  • Organize workshops where you need to work with your hands. Pro100 Event Agency offers dozens of different creative workshops: clay modeling, sand animation, floral workshops and much more. Working with their hands, employees are distracted from routine tasks and try something new. Ordering a master class in Kharkov for a corporate event is an opportunity to discover new talents in your employees.

If you are planning an event for an advertising department or an entire creative agency, do not forget that the best vacation is to change the type of activity. We will be glad to become a part of your holiday and organize team building at the highest level. You can order the organization of a corporate party on the website, by phone or during a personal visit to our office.

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