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For those who want to celebrate an adult or children's birthday, wedding, graduation, corporate party or any other celebration in an original and non-standard way, as well as make a non-standard surprise to their friends or acquaintances, we recommend organizing a quest. Today, such fashionable entertainment is incredibly popular among representatives of a wide variety of professions and ages. Therefore, it will be appropriate and in demand at any holiday.

Features of the

Such a team event can be held both outdoors and indoors, depending on the wishes of the participants. The theme of the games can also be any. Participants can transform into desperate pirates, shrewd detectives or superheroes who save the world from impending disaster.

In order to carry out the idea at the proper level, you will have to spend a lot of free time. Therefore, for the event to go flawlessly and without interruptions, it is worth using the help of professionals who know all the secrets of organizing such events. Then only positive unforgettable memories will remain from the holiday.

Our merits

Pro100event agency boasts many years of experience in organizing various celebrations and is able to develop exciting original scenarios. We create unique stories, taking into account the wishes of the client and the abilities of future participants. We have all the necessary attributes: costumes, vehicles, various gadgets that can be useful for a realistic game. We fill the quest with numerous tasks, contests, puzzles, competitions. With us, anyone can test their physical fitness, nerves, thinking, memory, creativity and ingenuity.

We offer a worthy, useful alternative to boring boilerplate corporate parties. Our scriptwriters put a piece of their soul into creating each individual task. Any riddle necessarily has several solutions. Each player chooses a suitable acceptable solution.

The main types of quests

All quests can be divided into the following groups depending on the topic, purpose and features of the conduct:

  • promo quests;
  • entertaining;
  • educational.

If the client wishes, the quest can be carried out as an independent event or be built into an already able program.

We guarantee vivid emotions and unforgettable memories for years to come!

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