Memes - creators of one of the oldest forms of performing arts. They honed their skills even in the squares of the ancient Greek city-states and in the palaces of the Roman patricians. There is a theory that mimes are the founders of the entire world drama ... And what heights did pantomime reach thanks to Charlie Chaplin, poluninskiy "Actors"And other contemporary artists! Today mimes are professional actorswho have mastered satire, plastic miniature, pantomime, interactive show and other entertainment genres.

Memes for the holiday - an extraordinary and interesting idea for organizing a unique festive event. Artists will add a bit of exquisite pomp and aristocratic sophistication to your evening, meeting guests with expositions of living statues or comical plastic sketches. They will pleasantly surprise and amuse any audience, leaving vivid impressions in the memory of the guests. Classic black and white images or expressive color characters will certainly become the very highlight that will transform your celebration.

Memes for the holiday - a creative approach to creating a relaxed and creative atmosphere for an event of any level.

Mime show for a holiday and corporate

The art of pantomime again gaining popularity among organizers of various special events. Mime show attracts the audience and organizers with inimitable and exclusive numbers, as well as the ability to give the holiday a unique style. Artists of the plastic genre can act out an unusual performance, tell a whole story with the help of body language.

What events can you invite pantomime masters to?

  • Participation of the present mime in a promotion will certainly draw the attention of consumers to the goods and services on display.
  • Performance of mime clowns at a corporate party will amuse employees, will distract from the hustle and bustle of work and everyday problems.
  • Guests will be looking at the photos with interest for a long time, remembering the pantomime performers who attended the New Year's party.
  • During wedding festivities mimes can participate in the ransom of the bride, entertain the audience while photographing and filming the newlyweds, perform magic tricks and award prizes.
  • At children's and adult birthdays, events, for which a large company gathers, the masters of the plastic genre can prepare scenes and comic numbers, as well as entertain individual groups of guests by performing parodies and lyrical sketches.

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