The Paper Show is a guarantee of stormy delight, unbridled joy and fantastic emotions!

You know what it is Silver and Paper Show? This is a fantastic show that you will surely be able to surprise both adults and children. Our holiday agency can do it - we will give all the guests of the holiday unforgettable joyful emotions! It will seem to all the participants in the show that they are in a fairy tale with paper snowdrifts, paper rain and seas of confetti, paper garlands and balloons.

All this paper fantasy will be complemented by bright light musicas well as professional performances of our animators. Paper show in our performance it is a mesmerizing vortex of the lightest ribbons of paper, which will dance an incendiary dance for you.

How to order a silver or paper show in Kharkov?

To order silver or paper show in Kharkov you can in 5 minutes: contact our manager - and we will agree to hold a show at a convenient time and place. We can hold a show at your place at home, in a cafe, in an office or restaurant... We will develop an interesting event scenario taking into account the age category of guests, we will listen to your wishes and make any adjustments.

For each order, we prepare an individual event program. Silver / Paper Show (Kharkiv) can be accompanied by games and interesting contests, performances by professional animators and a disco - both for children and adults.

Show Packages and Cost

from 2500 UAH
30 minutes
  • 10 kg. Special metallized paper
  • Super Power Cannon (950w)
  • Animator in LED glasses
    cannon manager
  • Surface cleaning
from 3100 UAH
60 minutes
  • 20 kg. Special metallized paper
  • 4 kg. Confetti
  • Super Power Cannon (950w)
  • Dynamic Confetti Cannon
  • Animator in LED glasses
    cannon manager
  • Surface cleaning
from4500 UAH
60 minutes
  • 30 kg. Special metallized paper
  • 6 kg. Confetti
  • Super Power Cannon (950w)
  • Animator in LED glasses
    LED gun controller
  • Surface cleaning
from 7000 UAH
45 minutes
  • 50 kg. Special metallized paper
  • 4 kg. Confetti
  • Additionally:
    Super Power Cannon (950w)
  • Smoke generator
  • Animator in LED glasses
    cannon manager
  • We work all over Ukraine
  • Surface cleaning

You can order a Paper SILVER Show for a children's birthday in Kharkov, Poltava, Sumy, Dnipro, Kiev by phone:
+38(063) 3333-593 and +38(066) 115-31-61 or send by email


Why should you choose our agency to create a festive atmosphere at your event?

Firstly, every employee in our team is a professional with a capital letter. We are able not only to make a high-quality show, but also to communicate correctly with guests, please them and cause genuine smiles of delight.

Secondly, we are pleasantly surprised by our pricing policy. In addition to the affordable cost of services, we regularly develop profitable promotions and complex offers. Silver or Paper Party Show - it will be not only fun with us, but also economical.

Thirdly, we do our job responsibly. After the paper show is over, we can remove all the trash for a minimal fee. Order a paper show for a children's birthday or corporate with us you can quickly, economically and without hassle.


Paper show for a wedding or corporate party

Paper show - this is great entertainment not only for children, but also for adults. It will make any holiday unforgettable: wedding, corporate party, anniversary... For a specific event, we will develop our own script, which will take into account the theme, age and preferences of guests. Paper show for a wedding or corporate party you can finish off with a photo shoot, a paper disco or a paper snowball game.

Despite the differences, each show has a lot in common. For example, this is a performance by artists, during which they get to know the guests. Involving the public in the process, the first volleys of paper. Games, contests and entertainment, accompanied by laughter and smiles. A short rest with dancing and, finally, the final extravaganza of color, sound and the next volleys of paper cutting. Animator and artists our agency will make your holiday unforgettable! And all this - with the help of seemingly ordinary paper ...

You can order the "Silver Show" in Kharkov by phone: +38 (063) 3333-593, +38 (066) 1153-161


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