• You want to be sure that your wedding dreams and wishes will come true
• You want to enjoy only pleasant chores: choosing rings, trying on luxurious dresses and sending out invitations. We take care of the rest.
• You do not want to spend a lot of time looking for reliable and professional specialists for your wedding, coordinating technical and organizational issues, proofreading the necessary documentation
• Do not want to be distracted from other things that are important to you
• Want to give the time and attention you want to each other

Organization of the wedding "From A to Z" is the work of a professional organizer.

During preparations for the wedding Your emotional state is on a positive wave in anticipation of the holiday. You just say your wishes, make your choice and approve! We, in turn, offer you only personally verified by us high-quality specialists in the wedding industry. We will prescribe wedding day timing, we will draw up a detailed plan for the preparation of your wonderful event. You don't need all these papers. As well as worries about transport, restaurant, program, decor. You will only need to approve and enjoy the preparations for the wedding.

Creative realization of all your wishes!

  • Concept development, script writing - You tell your wishes, ideas, tell about yourself, about your dream. We select the most suitable wedding concept, approve it with you and implement it in life.
  • Selection of all specialists – in our professional team there are only highly qualified specialists and reliable partners who love and live their work
  • Coordination of all documentation
  • Solution of all organizational and technical issues

wedding day coordination - On the day of the wedding, you get married or get married. Enjoy every moment, every event on this day, you have a rest, and most importantly, you are completely calm about everything that happens. You see the enthusiastic looks of your friends, the pride and tears of happiness of your loved ones! Accept congratulations from the guests, rejoice and come off to the fullest! And these are all your duties on your wedding day!

After the wedding, you will receive a wedding film and a wedding photo book that will remind you of the most wonderful day. These family heirlooms will carry the wedding mood and atmosphere of your day through the generations, you will leaf through them with pride and a smile on your face with your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in many, many years!

What do we do for you to organize a wedding?!

So we are:

Turnkey wedding Kharkov

• We make an appointment with you
• We carry out a pre-wedding consultation
• We sign an agreement
• We develop the concept and style of the wedding
• We select a location for the celebration
• We order wedding polygraphy.
• We select a wedding host
• We select photo and video specialists
• We select specialists in wedding floristry and decor, coordinate sketches.
• We organize an outdoor ceremony
• We make a banquet menu

• We select and order a show program
• We select and order areas of interest
• Technical support
• The image of the bride and groom
• We choose and organize a wedding cake tasting
• We select and order a wedding cortege
• Setting up a wedding dance
• We organize a honeymoon trip
• We draw up a detailed timing of the wedding day
• We close the wedding estimate
• We coordinate the wedding day
• Transfer photos and videos of memories


We are equally passionate about each of our couples. We specialize in high-level events and are able to work with tasks of any complexity. The level of our weddings implies a lot of work and responsibility, so our remuneration is directly related to the volume of services we control. The agency's fee for organizing a wedding is 10% from the budget of the event.

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