• Do you want to organize your wedding yourself: come up with and implement a wedding idea yourself choose a presenter, photographer, videographer ...

• The day before the wedding, you want to calmly go to the beauty salon, relax and sleep

• On your wedding day, you do not want to deal with organizational and technical issues

• You want your parents and guests to relax at your wedding

• You want to enjoy your wedding day and each other

Wedding coordination Is a complex of services aimed at relieving newlyweds, their parents and friends on the wedding day from solving technical and organizational issues, as well as solving all force majeure situations on the wedding day.

Wedding coordinator - this is your personal manager, a person who, on the wedding day itself, frees mom, dad, aunt, girlfriend, witness and the BRIDE from organizing and resolving any issues, controls all processes on the wedding day, their timely implementation, solves unscheduled issues ( force majeure), interacts with all the specialists who work at your wedding, this is a person you can rely on and entrust your wedding!

What do we offer:

• Drawing up the timing of the wedding day (the more information you give us, the more fruitful our cooperation will be). Every detail is important to us!

• Supervision of all contractors and the execution of their work the day before the wedding and on the wedding day

• Three meetings before the wedding day (acquaintance, departure to the site, meeting a couple of days before the wedding)

* At least two professional coordinators work at the site

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