Today it is impossible to organize effective promotion of goods and services without a competent advertising campaign. The competition in the market is so high that old representatives of small and medium-sized businesses benefit only from recognition. And new ones have to work to the fullest so as not to get lost in the sea of similar goods.

To inform the target audience about new services and products, it is necessary to use effective methods. They are organizing and conducting a promotional campaign.

Creation and presentation of a promotional or PR-action - this is a whole list of events, the purpose of which is to stimulate the sales market, present the product to the consumer. Promo event - presentation of products in an interactive form. It is accompanied by the distribution of free presents, contests, exciting games, show programs.

Any promo pursues its main goal: to increase the level of sales of the product that it is promoting and to increase the company's profit. To PR or BTL action were successful, you need to use expert help.

Behind the shoulders of the company's specialists "Pro100 Event Agency»Successful experience development, advertising, promotional activities... Our professionals can solve any problem, they are always creative. We solve all issues related to advertising and promotion: we define the target audience, write a script, evaluate the effectiveness of the future action, think over creative ideas that will make the event memorable. As a result, the audience will be impressed, and the effectiveness of the advertising campaign will delight your company. By contacting "Pro100 Event Agency», You will receive comprehensive assistance in the development of the event. As a result, your brand will be recognizable among the target audience.

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