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Often, various points of activity, aimed at increasing the efficiency of teamwork, become part of corporate events or conferences.


soccer players team group celebrating the victory and become champion of game while holding win coup

A close-knit team of employees easily solves various problems - this rule works in any field, from industrial production to business. Corporate competitions bring together people striving to achieve a common goal. In addition, sport introduces the company's employees to a healthy lifestyle, energizes them, and gives positive emotions.

Preparation for a corporate competition includes:

  • site search;
  • providing athletes with food;
  • preparation of sports equipment;
  • provision of medical care;
  • pre-training;
  • holding an awards ceremony;
  • recording a sports match on video.

The last task is optional, but many companies videotape the triumph of their employees. Organization of corporate competitions takes a lot of time. Entrust this task to Pro100 Event Agency - it will solve itself! Our specialists organize football and bowling tournaments - these are some of the most popular games that allow you to unite the team and bring a lot of positive emotions to the players!

Professional football tournament

Soccer game removes office masks from participants and allows them to see each other for who they are. The barrier of etiquette and formalities collapses from the first minutes of the game - thanks to this, employee relations reach a new level. Players begin to trust each other for real. They throw out the accumulated negative energy and together they achieve victory!

Matches are held at a professional level - our company selects a suitable field, ensures the presence of a referee, holds a spectacular awards ceremony and solves a number of other organizational issues. Prizes are received by all participants, regardless of whether they managed to lead the team to victory.

There is a cheerleading team at the match. The players are supported by spectators in the stands. Among them may be colleagues, business partners and the management of the company, to which the players devote their working days. Often the boss is on the same team with his subordinates - a joint game allows you to eliminate communication barriers.

Corporate football matches enhance the company's image. Team of specialists "Pro100 Event Agency" organizes sports competitions within the client's company, between divisions and branches. Order a professional Soccer game for your employees right now!

Bowling is a game for everyone!

bowling game is a universal entertainment that brings positive emotions to each participant. The age and gender of the players does not matter - a mixed team of men and women overcomes the path to victory without any problems and enjoys the triumph! Offices, subdivisions and branches of companies participate in corporate bowling competitions. This is a great opportunity to communicate in an informal setting! Players turn into a close-knit team striving to achieve a common goal. The trust of colleagues to each other is fixed and maintained after the game.

Bowling is one of the most economical ways to build a team. Pro100 Event Agency organizes a visit to the bowling club at a convenient time for you. Paths are prepared in advance. Invited guests can immediately start playing.

Professional level corporate tournaments

Pro100 Event Agency invites you and your employees to take participation in a sports competition professional format! You will be pleasantly surprised by favorable prices and other advantages of cooperation with our company:

  • organization of turnkey tournaments;
  • professional equipment;
  • bright awards ceremony;
  • transparent payment system;
  • creative preparation for the competition.

Our company performs its tasks quickly and efficiently. Players are provided with professional equipment. The playground is equipped sports equipment PRO class. We will turn your employees into a cohesive team of winners!

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