Today, a very fashionable trend in photo printing is printing photos on a magnet. This type of registration of commemorative photographs is a very unusual and original solution for a gift to all guests.


Often, various points of activity, aimed at increasing the efficiency of teamwork, become part of corporate events or conferences.


Nowadays, any small firm or large company practices the organization of various corporate events... Such events allow not only to have great fun, take a break from working days, but also to rally the team. These events are usually prepared by the public relations staff. But if you need to create a grand event at the highest level, then you should trust real professionals who know all the subtleties and secrets of organizing such events.

Our agency can boast of many years of experience in functioning in the modern market, an impeccable reputation and only positive reviews from grateful customers "Pro100 Event Agency". We know how to prepare unique and unforgettable holidays! We will turn any event into a meaningful and unforgettable action, regardless of its format and scale.

The main types of corporate events

Our professional organizers don't follow boring standard templates. Each new project is a carefully designed script, taking into account any wishes of the client, supplemented by creative ideas of designers. Corporate events can be intended for both current employees and former workers, shareholders, investors, suppliers. Depending on the format of the event, the following main types of such events can be distinguished:


Sport competitions;
Calendar or anniversary holidays.
General trainings;

Many company leaders have already appreciated all the benefits of development corporate culture... Such informal meetings allow you to get to know the team better, to reveal hidden leaders, innovators and promising employees. The main objectives of the activities are to maintain the established traditions and corporate spirit companies, creating a favorable psychological climate.

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Benefits of working with us

We will save your free time and eliminate all the hassle of holding a corporate party... Each individual holiday is individually thought out from start to finish, from the selection of a place for holding, ending with control over all performers and contractors. No one will be bored, we will turn any event into a pompous celebration that will be remembered for many years. Our scenarios are never repeated, every time we delight our clients with new concepts and surprises.

We have at our disposal all the necessary attributes for unforgettable holidays: costumes, decorations, various accessories. Provided if necessary venue for the event.

We work as with largeand small companiesready for any audience. We know how to properly rationally manage the provided budget, we will turn every penny into a pleasant result.

We know how to surprise your colleagues, we are ready for long-term fruitful cooperation on an ongoing basis! It's always fun with us!

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