Vocalist Olga
Vocalist Polina
Musical Duet "Golden live Duo"

Our team consists of vocals (Polina) and saxophone (Kostya Sax). We are graduates and professional musicians! Extensive work experience both solo and in music bands. Performances at various venues (clubs, restaurants, festive events) not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. Our duet is beauty, musicality, professionalism, skill. We have an extensive repertoire: jazz, lounge, pop, dance, cover versions of popular hits. We create an atmosphere for any event, whether it be a meeting of guests, a presentation, a social party, an office party, a birthday or a wedding, we organically fit into any of its formats. We always pay close attention to each performance. We work out the images in detail, try to choose the exact repertoire. The most important thing for us is to create the right mood for your holiday.


Vadim is a professional premium saxophonist! The best event saxophonist of Ukraine 2015 and 2016. The creator of the LIVE SAX music project Vadim has performed at more than 3000 events in 4 countries of the world and at 6 international music festivals for 10 years.

He performed on the same stage with Nino Katamadze, Studio "Quarter 95", Nikita, Uncle Zhora, Pyotr Cherny, Alexey Mochanov, Svetlana Tarabarova, Dva Tovarishcha. He performed at holidays, corporate events and presentations of such companies as Audi, Mary Kay, Olko, D.TEK, Metalist, Avon, Philip Morris, Karavan, as well as at fashion shows, awards, in the best nightclubs, presentations of new car models, openings and anniversaries of hotels and shopping centers, TV shows, parties and anniversaries of elite restaurants, and of course, at weddings of famous personalities.

The main and favorite specialization is the wedding format.

Since 2011, the author and participant of the musical project “LIVING SOUL Duet” (vocal + sax), which has already made its first tour of the largest cities of Ukraine, China, Russia and Kazakhstan.

LIVING SOUL Duet is a unique combination of voice and saxophone, beauty and delicacy, artistry and virtuosity. During its existence, the duo won the hearts of absolutely all listeners and spectators who attended their performance.

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