An increasing number of birthday people are trying to come up with an interesting script for your birthday... Agree, arranging a feast from year to year is boring. Pro100 Event Agency gives an idea - visiting master class, which will involve all guests of the holiday.

Master class options for adults

  1. Dance - Comes to you dance coach - and you feel like heroes dance show! Practice steps from romantic tango, passionate bachata, or stylish hip-hop. Shoot videos, compete and have fun! Dance master class for birthday in Kharkov will please all guests, regardless of age.
  1. Culinary - Collective cooking with professional chef - useful and fun Master Class... We will provide everything you need: a kitchen with equipment, dishes, food. And you will need to decide what exactly you want to cook. It could be Master Class for steaks, dishes of Japanese or Italian cuisine, for preparing desserts or cocktails. Cooking classes for adults Is a great idea for any age.
  1. Creative - Drawings in the sand, clay modeling, scrapbooking, soap making, carpentry - why not diversify the traditional feast creative master class? In a fun and entertaining atmosphere, you will try yourself in something new, do something with your own hands. Creative master class will captivate even children, so you will not think about what to do with the kids at the adult holiday.

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Where to order a master class in Kharkov

Organize birthday master classes very simple: choose an option and contact us. Some of them can be held right on your holiday, and some will require a suitable location. For example, culinary master class best done in a professionally equipped kitchen. Master class cost will depend on its type and number of people.

Ready to arrange unusual birthday? Then we are waiting for your calls! Among the huge list of master classes we will definitely choose the one that your friendly company will like.

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