At banquets and parties, adults pay more attention to the cuisine and atmosphere, and for children, the most important thing is the entertainment program. Toddlers quickly lose interest in games, but master classes for children keep them busy for a long time. Pro100 Event Agency organizes any Master Class and diversifies children's birthday in Kharkov cognitive activities.

Options for children's master classes from Pro100 Event Agency

Enjoy great popularity cooking lessons. Children are happy to cook their favorite dishes under the guidance of professional chefs: they make pizza, shortbread cookies, hand-painted gingerbread cookies, cupcakes and other delicious treats. Together with the birthday boy, we will choose the theme of the master class, so that it would be interesting for him and his friends.

soap making - another cool one visiting master class for kids. This is a real art in which children will show their creative abilities. They will choose the color, shape and aroma of the soap themselves.

And how interesting are master classes for children in Kharkov on pottery! Working with clay fascinates, soothes and awakens the imagination. Each kid will try to create a cup, a vase, a plate and other pottery with his own hands.

Another creative activity painting on wood. Children will paint wooden figurines of flowers and animals.

The smallest can order an exit master class on modeling from plasticine. And the creation of jewelry will appeal to girls. The animator will tell and show how to create beads, bracelets and rings. We will bring everything you need for decorations with you.

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5 reasons to order a master class for Children's Birthday:

  1. The most important advantage of master classes - creative development, and this is the most important component of raising children.
  2. Everyone will be passionate about the process, which means no one will be bored.
  3. The kids will get new knowledge and skills.
  4. Master Class can become a major part children's birthday. Add a sweet table to the program - and the festive scenario is ready!
  5. For the organization of any master class is taken Pro100 Event Agency. Name a topic and we will do everything for you!

A master class for a children's birthday in Kharkov is a wonderful gift for a birthday boy!

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