Marriage proposal / Lesha and Katya

Such an important and responsible evening 💜💍…. ⠀ The evening that the guys were really looking forward to and which was the beginning of a new stage in their relationship 👫... ⠀ Alexey 🤵, planning this important day, at a meeting in our office admitted that he wants to surprise his beloved and do it in an original, bright, unforgettable, romantic and enchanting way! ⠀ It was important for us that Katya didn’t guess anything at all that day and everything was unexpected and unpredictable for her! Apparently our plan succeeded! Everything was perfect like in a movie… just the way every girl, girl imagines it…. excitement, 💜, beauty, joy, happiness, tears, trembling, unreal emotions…. you can describe it for a long time, such moments are priceless, they are remembered for a lifetime ...! ⠀ I would like to wish the guys @alexey.fedorchenko and @_kate_muah_7 that you never stop creating magic and pleasant surprises for each other and, being grandparents, also gently held each other's hand and endlessly enjoyed each other so that your feelings are just as sincere and reverent, after decades! It is very joyful and exciting at the same time to be a part of such important events in life 💑! And these emotions... they are priceless... though, there is nothing cooler than what cannot be described in tens - thousands of words, what cannot be expressed in words, probably it is magic or chemistry!!! But for us it's like air!!

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