Stunning arches and garlands of balloons perform 2 functions at once: festive decor and photo zones... They are suitable for any special events: from weddings before hospital discharge, from the opening of the restaurant to promotions... We are in a hurry to fulfill your most creative fantasies associated with decorating the holiday!


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5 reasons to order garlands of balloons in Kharkov:

  1. Any design - Latex, foil, with pictures, photos or logos - the garland can be made from any balloons, for example, in the corporate colors of the company or themed party. Two-tone spirals look spectacular garlands of balls.
  1. Convenient design - The garlands are very light. They can be carried from place to place, attached to different surfaces and shaped into different shapes.
  1. Durability - Garlands retain their shape for up to a week, reminding of a solemn day.
  1. Can be used as a photo zone - Colorful photographs are obtained against the background of the garland. It can replace the photo zone or become a part of it.
  1. Delivery 24/7 - It will take time to make a garland. We recommend to order a garland of balls in Kharkov in advance, and we will carry out delivery at any convenient time.

Beautiful arches from balloons

Ball arches They are often installed above the entrance to the premises, they are used to decorate a candy bar, a presidium at a wedding, a place for a wedding ceremony and a photo zone. We offer 4 types of arches:

  • on a fishing line (attached to the wall);
  • on the frame (mounted on a stable metal-plastic frame);
  • helium (attached to the fishing line, the balls are filled with helium);
  • by individual design.

To buy a balloon arch, contact Pro100 Event Agency. We will help with the choice and offer original ideas for decor.


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