Who said you can't reach the stars? Fantastic glowing balls create the feeling of a starry sky. They are appropriate for a romantic date and birthday, at a large-scale corporate party or a sincere wedding. Connect with Pro100 Event Agency - and we will deliver the highest quality glowing neon balloons in Kharkov!


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What you need to know about glowing balls:

  1. They are powered by an LED and a battery, which are located inside the ball. They can be turned on and off at any time.
  2. There are two modes of operation: glow and "blinking".
  3. LEDs are available in 6 colors: white, red, yellow, blue and crimson... Combine them with different balloon colors to get the desired shade.
  4. Glowing balls with delivery in Kharkov can be used in different scenarios:
    - as an element of decor at a party (under the ceiling, in a bundle, in the form of different figures or one at a time);
    - as a background for an evening photo session;
    - to launch into the sky at a gala event;
    - to decorate the pool.
  5. Quality balls from Pro100 Event Agency fly long and glow up 48 hoursand cheap Chinese options might not even catch fire.

Glowing balls 24/7 - a guarantee of a magical holiday!

Soft neon glow will create a magical atmosphere indoors or outdoors. And when you launch into the sky glowing balls will be like the milky way. In order for the balls to produce the desired effect, we recommend that you contact us in advance and discuss all the points. We will advise when is best buy glowing balls in Kharkov and we will be able to deliver them at any time of the day or night.

Create the most fabulous holidays, and Pro100 Event Agency will help you with it!

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