Inflatable Swimming Pool Accessories: Bright Summer Party Touch

Pool party - what could be better in summer? Decor rental for a holiday in Kharkov will help make such an event even more colorful and fun. Guests of all ages will definitely be delighted with huge inflatable unicorns, magical birds and mattresses in the form of fruits! Such inflatable accessories are available for rent from Pro100 Event Agency.

Dimensions: watermelon 160*80cm A pineapple 180*90 cm Flamingo 160 cm Unicorn 250 cm Donut 200cm

Where and why do you need decor and accessories for the pool?

Renting decor and furniture is a standard way out of the situation when you rented a cottage for a holiday, but it is not equipped according to the concept you conceived. And if you are organizing a summer party by the pool, then get ready for the fact that the existing minimum of furniture will not be enough - because you need not ordinary garden tables and chairs, but items for relaxing by the water. To spend such a holiday, it is worth renting air mattresses, on which you can simply lie in the area near the pool and swim in it.

On what occasion can you arrange a fun event near the pool? For example, in honor of graduation. Yesterday's schoolchildren or students who have completed their studies will surely enjoy hanging out in a house with a pool!

However, serious uncles and aunties will also appreciate the opportunity to relax and even fool around in the pool with funny inflatable accessories. Therefore, renting these items would be appropriate at a summer corporate party, at a birthday party in a friendly company, or at a family holiday with children.

And if it's a children's birthday, then the joy of the birthday boy and his guests will be no limit!

When you can't do without inflatable objects for the pool?

There are circumstances in which the presence of inflatable objects for water at a holiday is not just entertainment, but a necessary security measure. One of these circumstances is if the depth of the pool exceeds the “chest” level for an adult. Among those wishing to splash, there may be people who cannot swim. In addition, if a guest who has gone over with alcohol gets into the pool, then an inflatable object can literally save him - after all, sometimes it is difficult for a drunk person to coordinate in the water even at a depth not exceeding his height. To minimize the risk of such cases, the pool should be well lit - so that its sides, steps into the water and inflatable objects can be clearly seen even after sunset. To accomplish this task, it may be necessary to rent equipment for events - portable lighting fixtures.

The second circumstance in which inflatable items are required is the presence of children at the event and their access to the pool. The depth does not matter, as does the age of the children - a child can get confused and swallow water even in a very shallow pool, and therefore it is impossible to let the children near the water without inflatable floating equipment. Even if their parents are present at the celebration and they allow their children to swim, the organizer should think about unplanned situations and take care of the safety of all children by throwing at least one large inflatable toy into the pool, which will be easy for the child to grab onto.

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Do you want original photos? Exit - rent props for events!

Renting accessories for your holiday is needed not only for guests to relax and splash in the pool on inflatable objects. If these objects are large, bright, unusual, then both children and respectable ladies and gentlemen will surely want to take a picture with them! And if an invited professional photographer works at the event, then inflatable accessories in the form of fabulous birds and animals or juicy fruits can become props for a full-fledged photo session in the photo zone by the pool.

By the way, if you are a photographer, model or organizer of photo projects, then you should think about using decor rental for a holiday not at a mass event, but for a stylish photoset in an aqua zone, in a photo studio or even on the beach. All you have to do is choose a location that suits your ideas, and we will deliver the necessary props there. By the way, we also have other unusual, spectacular items for photo shoots - for example, retro garlands for rent, electronic candles for rent, etc.

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