Rent of portable furniture, decor and accessories for bright holidays from Pro100 Event Agency

Holiday decor rental is a service thanks to which you can make any location as comfortable as possible for guests, speakers and event organizers. In addition, renting accessories for your event will help create a special atmosphere, taking into account your ideas about the style of your planned celebration.

Rental of decor and furniture for outdoor events

In summer, early autumn and late spring, many events are organized on open summer grounds - proms, weddings, children's and adult birthdays, corporate events, etc. The rental of props for events will help to solve important issues: the decoration of the location, the availability of seating for guests, as well as the availability of functional items for each guest in case the weather changes.

Decor and accessories for a comfortable and beautiful wedding off-site ceremony

Wedding accessories are, firstly, the red carpet: the newlyweds will be able to beautifully walk along it to the place for the solemn painting. Secondly, it is luminous garlands and other light decor for photo zones, wedding arches, gazebos and other elements of the location to which I would like to draw attention.

In addition to decorating the venue, it is important to think about practical issues. For example, the rental of chairs is a “trifle” that is necessary for an off-site marriage registration ceremony: after all, this part of the celebration usually lasts about an hour, and guests, of course, should not be forced to stand for so long. Chairs are also needed after the ceremony - both for a feast in the fresh air and for watching a concert program: not all guests will want to dance, there should be an opportunity to listen to the performances of invited artists while sitting.

Renting a decor for weddings in Kharkov is a common practice when preparing a celebration in cafes and restaurants. After all, not all establishments have summer grounds with a ready-made, moreover really beautiful, wedding decor, far from everywhere there is an opportunity to transfer the required number of chairs to the open air, etc.

In addition, at any outdoor event, you should take care of the guests and stock up on useful items in case of the vagaries of the weather. For example, renting blankets will help guests stay warm and feel comfortable, even if the celebration drags on until late at night. Renting umbrellas will help out if an unexpected rain falls during the ceremony.

Everything you need for a pool party

The recreation area with a pool is an excellent location for a summer party: a fun corporate party, a memorable bachelorette or bachelor party, and even a children's party. All you need is to rent bright inflatable accessories from us: mattresses-toys for swimming and sun loungers. Also, if there is a pool, it will be appropriate to rent an awning - under it, for example, you can put chairs or sun loungers for relaxation in the midst of a hot day.

Indoor party decor rental

If the event is held in a banquet hall or, for example, in a cottage, a removable decor is also appropriate there. It is much easier to create a beautiful holiday rental than to look for a premise with a ready-made suitable design.

Decorative lighting structures

We can offer spectacular interior accessories designed to create unusual lighting after sunset. For example, exquisite retro garlands that will fit both classic and high-tech or loft interiors in style. They can also be used outdoors to decorate summer photo zones, wedding arches and other corners of open areas for events.

You can emphasize the magic of the celebration with candles. We offer for rent not classic candles, which are fire hazardous and not suitable for most rooms, but bulk candles in vases-flasks. They are arranged like this: small balls of paraffin are poured inside a tall transparent vase and a wick is inserted - when the wick burns, the balls gradually melt. Due to the high walls of the vase, the fire is not dangerous for nearby objects, and the molten paraffin does not flow down to the surface on which the candle stands. And bulk candles look unusual.

In addition, we also have electronic candles for rent. These are stand-alone LED luminaires with soft illumination that changes the shades of the glow. They can be positioned, for example, on tables.

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