Awning is a necessary detail for an open-air party

Accessory rental for your outdoor party should include not only decor and accessories for entertaining guests, but also portable structures to create comfortable corners for relaxation, refreshments or staff work.

Awning from Pro100 Event Agency for a comfortable stay

A summer restaurant area, an area near the pool, a barbecue area near the house, even just a picnic meadow - everywhere you may need an open or closed awning. We offer to rent an awning in Kharkov and bring it wherever you need it.

The direct purpose of the tent is to protect from the sun. Under it, you can arrange a cozy resting place for your guests: put, for example, sun loungers or bean bags. Also, under the awning there may be a table at which a company of guests can sit and treat themselves to vegetables, drinks and food from the barbecue. And rental of decor for the holiday will help to decorate the structure with an awning.

Under the awning, you can arrange a separate location for children - there can be a separate table for them. In addition, board games, master classes on children's creativity and other entertainment can be held there with children. This is convenient at public events where adults would like to entrust their children with animators and other staff and spend some time without them.

If the event is of an exhibition or fair nature, a point can be organized under the tent for the demonstration and / or sale of any products, handicrafts, art objects, etc.

In addition, street food can be organized under the tent tent at street events - visitors should comfortably approach this location and take their chosen food or drink. ... But even when hot food is not supposed to be prepared, you can pour tea and coffee from a coffee machine, dispense cold drinks in glasses or bottles, etc. It can make cotton candy, popcorn or other junk food, and it can sell cookies, nuts, and other packaged snacks.

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For weddings during the warmer months, an awning can also come in handy. If not only an indoor hall is provided, but also an area for guests to walk in the fresh air, then the rental of decor for weddings should also apply to the design of this open area. Those guests who do not want to actively participate in dances and entertainment will be able to relax under the tent.

And renting a decor for a holiday will make the awning more elegant and suitable for decoration with other decorative details. For example, it can be attached to wedding accessories - flower garlands or draperies made of fine fabric. Also, tents are decorated with glowing electric garlands - this is appropriate if the holiday continues after dark.

Holiday for rent: tent for organizing the work of field personnel

Rent of decor and furniture for guests, of course, is needed. But do not forget that outdoor events are always attended by people who prepare food, organize the work of locations in the “street food” format, or perform any other necessary activity. And the awning for this staff is also very necessary.

First, people need to be given the opportunity to work in the shade, especially if it is hot outside and there are not many shady corners in the area designated for the event. Secondly, the awning tent can protect people, tables and food from sudden rain. Thirdly, if the rental of equipment for events is involved, whether it is restaurant equipment, lighting devices or, for example, audio equipment, then the fabric canopy will also serve as protection from the weather.

There may be any items under the awning that can be used as needed during the event. So, the rental of props for events can include renting chairs, renting blankets, renting electronic candles, etc. - and they can be folded under the awning, from where the staff will take them to the desired locations. If we are talking about the award ceremony, there can be fresh bouquets for the awardees, boxes with gifts, etc. under the awning.

And at concerts in the open air, a spacious closed tent is provided for performing artists - as a dressing room, a place for changing clothes and storing stage props and costumes.

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