When preparing any holiday, it is important to pay attention to lighting, because the general mood of the event often depends on it. The cold light of expensive modern lamps and diode lamps has already become boring and poorly suited for organizing light accents. If your goal is to create a warm, cozy and friendly atmosphere, use retro garlands... Bright or, conversely, dimmed light of bulbs looks spectacular both in open space and indoors. Pro100 Event Agency organization of holidays invites you to use the service rent of retro garlandsso that your holiday is at its best.

Organization of a wedding with retro garlands

If you want everything to be saturated with the scent of romance at your wedding, you should order a garland for registration of a holiday in Kharkov... They can decorate the entire hall or just the newlyweds' area. Interestingly complemented by light bulbs and visiting ceremonies: You can hang garlands along all tables, on trees and interior items. The undoubted plus of such lighting is that it will easily fit into any style design, thanks, first of all, to the laconic design of the garland itself. Don't worry about security: in "Pro100 Event Agency»Retro garlands with reliable dust and moisture protection are available for order, which means that they can work for a long time in any weather.

But not only a wedding can be decorated retro garland... Fascinatingly, it will look as an external decor of a private house or a street gazebo, festive and elegant - as banquet hall decoration under celebrating birthday, bachelorette party and any others show Kharkov.

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Photo session with a garland - stylish and beautiful

Order garlands with a retro accent - great for beginners and professional photographers. The decor of the photo zone with such lighting will ideally fit into the concept of a romantic, wedding, family, New Year and Christmas and children's photo shoot. Shooting in the underground and loft style is also difficult to imagine without such a lighting solution, because it was they who stood at the origins of these styles.

Retro garlands from "Pro100 Event Agency"

Light and color are an incredibly effective combination made possible by retro garlands with colored LED lamps or colored incandescent lamps, and can even decorate a corporate event. Corporate Kharkiv - an event not subject to the season, because it can be held on the occasion of the company's birthday, the anniversary of its employee, the conclusion of a major contract, the New Year, etc.

Garland rental - this is also a wonderful opportunity to save your budget, because the need to buy lighting disappears by itself. We have in our arsenal garlands, prices which are available to everyone. Place an order on the website at a time convenient for you. And remember: with "Pro100 Event Agency" holiday yours will be unforgettable!

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