A luxury element for your party: an ice bath

Out of the ordinary accessories for a wedding, cocktail party or even a picnic is not so easy to come up with, especially if you set the task of the practicality of these items. But the ice bath for cooling drinks meets all the requirements - it is functional, original and aesthetically pleasing!

Why do you need an ice bath when arranging a holiday rental?

Of course, such an attribute is not the same as a standard festive decor and accessories, and not everywhere in Kharkov, rental of props for events may include a bath with delivery to your location. But with Pro100 Event Agency it is possible.

Such a bathtub looks like a regular bathtub, standing on stable legs. It can be placed on any indoor flooring, as well as on asphalt, tiles or lawn grass. Both the tank itself and the legs under it can withstand the mass of crushed ice and the bottles placed in it, even when the bath is almost full.

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Bottles of alcoholic drinks are placed in ice, which are drunk cold. These are sparkling wines, vodka, gin and some other types of spirits, as well as all types of beer. Moreover, the bath is not always filled with all the listed alcohol options at once - it all depends on the format of the holiday, the time of day and the tastes of the guests. Sometimes the assortment of alcohol baths is also set by the rental of decor for the holiday - for example, in exquisite wedding decorations only wine bottles and high-quality spirits will look good.

So, at a daytime barbecue in a predominantly male or exclusively youth company, it is appropriate to put beer in glass bottles and cans in the bathtub. But if this is not just a friendly get-together, but, for example, a family holiday for guests of different genders and ages, then you should think about champagne and different wines. Also, an emphasis on wine is made if people have gathered for a solemn occasion - an anniversary, a wedding anniversary, etc.

Champagne is also appropriate for cocktail parties. But strong alcohol is usually offered to guests at parties that last until late and are held in the format of a buffet table. They put in ice and soft drinks - cola, soda, mineral water, etc. They are also needed for those guests who do not want to drink exclusively alcohol, and for the possibility of mixing cocktails by diluting cold carbonated non-alcoholic whiskey, gin, rum, liqueurs and other spirits.

In addition to considering what kind of accessory rental for your party is needed, you should decide how the alcohol will be served from the bath to the guests. The simplest solution is to provide them with the opportunity to take the bottles they like, open and drink, pouring into the dishes standing on a separate table - glasses, wine glasses, glasses, etc. Beer, cider and other low-alcohol drinks in cans and glass bottles are not poured into glasses at all, but they are drunk just like that - this is appropriate at a picnic or at an informal get-together.

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But wine bottles, especially champagne, are opened and poured by waiters at elegant cocktail parties. Guests can choose a bottle from the bath, or they can choose from the cold alcohol already poured into the glasses. At the same time, the waiters make sure that there are still sealed bottles in the bath, and that there are enough open ones just for the number of glasses that the guests will disassemble right away, until the drink has warmed up.

Renting a decor for a holiday will allow you to isolate and visually highlight that corner of the location where the "alcohol bath" is located. This item can become interesting for photographing guests - renting decor and furniture allows you to create an impromptu photo zone near the ice bath.

Rental of equipment for events, which will be needed at an ice bath cocktail party

In order to technically ensure the availability of crushed ice in a large container, this ice must be frozen and delivered to your party location. That is, you will need portable freezing equipment. In addition to the ice itself, in freezers it is sometimes necessary to deliver or store those products that guests can take from it, for example, ice cream in packages, before putting them into the ice bath.

A bath with ice and bottles can be made even more original and attractive if you arrange it with lighting. For this, electronic candles for rent or for rent of garlands can be useful. They, of course, are not put directly into the ice: garlands can be attached to the sides of the bathtub from the outside, and candles can stand in the corners. In the evening, it will look very bright and immediately point guests to the location of the delicious chilled drinks!

And renting a decor for weddings can be an opportunity to decorate the bath with fake flowers to match other decoration solutions.

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