Bulk candles in vases: decor that will truly surprise your guests

Your holiday is definitely worth the candle! Renting a decor for a holiday is what Pro100 Event Agency does. And we have unusual decorative candles - loose, in tall transparent vases, flasks. They can decorate both a room and a street location.

Bulb candles - unusual accessories for a wedding or other event

Vases under loose candles look like transparent tall cylindrical flasks with a flat bottom and without a lid. They can be placed on the floor or on various furniture surfaces, on window sills, in niches, etc. Inside each flask there is palm wax rolled into small balls - in texture it resembles pearls, since the wax balls have a slightly shiny, smooth surface ... There is a wick in the thickness of the wax balls - when it is set on fire, the candle starts to burn, and the wax balls around the wick gradually melt.

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This interesting accessory is appropriate for different events. So, the rental of decor for weddings can be supplemented with candles in vases. White wax that looks like pearl beads looks magical when paired with white tablecloths and draperies, as well as flowers and ribbons. You can put them at the table of the newlyweds or near the wedding arch at an exit ceremony; they are ideal for a photo zone or for illuminating a guest lounge. It is quite possible to place such candles in the open air - on the veranda, along the garden paths, near the benches and areas with garden furniture. Renting equipment for events, of course, allows you to create any desired lighting, but the charm of real lighted candles is something special, creating a feeling of special comfort and magic.

A New Year's holiday for rent can also be decorated with the help of such candles. They fit perfectly into the style of New Year's decor and are combined with both artificial and real snow. Candles in flasks can be lit both indoors and outdoors - on a snow-covered porch or among a garden covered with snow, this will give the impression of a real winter fairy tale!

The rental of props for events is often used for photo projects in specially equipped locations and studios. Bulk candles can be used to decorate a photo zone at a wedding or other celebration. But sometimes you need to create a beautiful room design from scratch for a photoset or video shooting - and then you may need to rent decor and furniture, as well as decorative candles. For example, they will perfectly fit into a “boudoir” location for a photo or a Christmas location with a fireplace and a Christmas tree. But even in a minimalist studio with a photo background, candles will become an interesting props "highlight".

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When renting accessories for your holiday is involved, you should consider not only how burning candles look in the dark, but also how they look during the day or in artificial light without being lit. Bulk candles in this context still retain their decorative effect. If desired, you can additionally decorate them with branches, artificial flowers, etc., but, of course, all these additions will need to be removed from the vases before lighting the candles.

Holiday decor rental: why choose candles in vases?

When you choose decor and accessories for your event, it is always necessary to think not only about the aesthetics of certain items, but also about their safety for people and premises. And when it comes to candles with real fire, fire safety is an important factor.

But loose candle vases are much safer than regular candles for several reasons. Firstly, the bulb itself is high, and the candle flame is deep enough in the vase. That is, the bulb reliably protects surrounding objects from fluctuations of the flame tongue and from accidental sparks. Secondly, bulk candles do not stain the surface on which they stand with hot melting wax, since the balls of wax melted from the burning wick remain inside the flask.

However, if you are interested in completely avoiding the use of candles with live fire for decoration, we have alternative solutions: renting retro garlands or renting electronic candles - they are also quite effective!

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