Professional equipment for concerts: backline for cover bands

So that a cover band concert can take place at your corporate party, graduation party, anniversary or other holiday, you will need to rent equipment that is needed to create a concert sound. Without a backline, no collective can play, regardless of the composition of the musicians in the group.

Why should the rental of equipment for corporate events and other events include a backline for musicians?

Because musical groups do not come to perform with their own equipment - this is always the concern of the one who takes over the holding of the event. The performers bring the maximum of those musical instruments that are their personal property - these are guitars, electric violins, keyboards, wind instruments, etc. But a drum kit is always an element of the backline, since it is bulky, but at the same time does not actually have any unique qualities, that is, the drummer does not care whether to play the “native” drums or the ones provided locally.

In addition, very few venues are equipped with a truly suitable and sufficient set of equipment for live performances. For example, equipment rental for parties may be needed even in a club - if there is a live band, and the local equipment is suitable only for DJs and audio playback.

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And the rental of equipment for parties in a restaurant in Kharkov is necessary in most cases - because few restaurants have professional concert equipment.

And if a performance is organized at a location, in principle, not intended for concerts, then the solution is only to rent and install the entire backline from scratch. Moreover, it can be a platform for an open-air concert, because in order for music to sound on the street, you only need to be able to connect the rented equipment to the power grid.

How to rent a set of equipment for a cover band performance?

This should be discussed primarily with the musicians: they should provide their inviting party with their technical rider. Secondly, you need to find out about the available equipment at the location where the concert is planned. Indeed, sometimes in restaurants and other establishments there is some kind of equipment. Therefore, it is important to find out in advance whether the existing set is enough, whether this technique is suitable for musicians - and if at least something is missing, rent individual items for your event.

 And you definitely need to consult with a sound engineer or at least a sound engineer about the acoustic features of the venue where the concert is to take place. Everything is important - the area and layout of the room, its fullness with furniture and other factors affecting the acoustics, the capacity by the number of visitors, the height and depth of the stage, etc. The sound engineer can advise on what equipment rental is appropriate for this room: for example, how many speakers are needed, whether additional speakers are required in the hall itself, and how best to arrange them.

The standard backline includes dedicated amplifiers for digital and analog instruments, such as electric guitars and synthesizers, as without them these instruments don't make any sound at all. Acoustic instruments require dedicated instrument microphones and amplifiers to raise the volume of each instrument to the desired level. Of course, vocalists need separate microphones.

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Also, every musician may need monitor speakers or in-ear monitors to monitor the sound of other instruments and vocals as they play.

And in order for the music to be heard by people in the hall, you will need a set of portal speakers.

You always need a mixing console for a sound engineer, from which the sound of all amplifiers and speakers will be regulated.

To this it is worth adding little things like adapter cords for instruments, extension cords, microphone stands and stands for speakers and some instruments.

In addition, the rental of equipment for events may include additional elements that are not included in the backline, but are also necessary for the creation of a show: these are lighting equipment and equipment for special effects. Special effects for rent are a smoke machine and other equipment: their location should also be correlated with sound equipment so that they do not violate acoustics and do not interfere with the movement of musicians around the stage.

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