Special Effects for Special Events and Unforgettable Moments

A holiday, a concert, a festival - all these are reasons to put on a show that will be really stylish and modern. And all that is needed is rent a set of equipment to create special effects. With the equipment that Pro100 Event Agency has, it's not so difficult - and the delight of the invitees is worth it!

Party equipment rental: all the most unusual for your event

Installation of equipment that emits smoke, sparks, soap bubbles or some other effects that can not only be seen, but, in some cases, can be felt, is sometimes needed both on stage and in the banquet hall, on the dance floor, by the pool , on the street, etc. Special effects for rent can complement a stage show or entertain guests during a holiday, and sometimes even set the format of the event itself - say, when it comes to a foam party.

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DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION ?! Would you like us to call you back?

Fill out the feedback form and our operators will contact you within 10-15 minutes!

Equipment rental for holidays from Pro100 Event will allow you to brightly hold a graduation, wedding, corporate party or children's mass event.

For this we have, for example, three different smoke generating devices. A standard smoke machine, also called a smoke machine, emits light clouds of white, rapidly dissipating smoke. This technique is used for stage performances, or, for example, for spectacular photosets. It should be said that this smoke is more likely to be steam without an unpleasant odor, and not literally smoke - since no fuel is burned to obtain it. You can also rent “heavy smoke” - this is also a smoke machine, but it produces denser puffs of smoke that dissipate much longer and “lie” on the stage or dance floor. We need “heavy smoke” usually for creating a club atmosphere, for dancing. And one more “smoky” device, which is available for rent, is a CO2 cannon that “shoots out” white smoke at a distance of more than ten meters, even from the bottom up. This special effect is used on large stages and in street evening shows.

A confetti cannon can be installed in the hall, on the stage, at the venue of the off-site wedding ceremony, and indeed anywhere else. Do not forget about it when it is planned equipment rental for corporate parties... Cut foil flies out of this device in one gulp - and this can greatly decorate any solemn moment. For example - blowing out candles on a cake or cutting a cake, going out to the guests of the occasion, going on stage as a guest of honor, presenting a prize, etc.

A device that surprises us is a snow generator that can be used to create a small artificial blizzard at a concert or during a dance. Snow is obtained from a special liquid and dispersed by a fan.

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Equipment rental for outdoor events

In conditions when a mass event is conceived on the street, fire safety rules become not so strict, and the absence of a ceiling over their heads adds new opportunities. Can be bolder to use equipment for special effects with fire and sparks, as well as apply effects designed for a large area.

And in the courtyard of the cottage, and in the water park, and in the club, you can use a foam generator for classic foam parties. This foam is clean and does not leave unwashed stains on the guests' suits, and also does not cause allergies on the skin.

For street shows, a fire generator can be used - this is a "cannon" that releases sheaves of flame obtained as a result of igniting a bottled gas. However, it is important to understand that although equipment rental of this type and is available to everyone, but exact observance of safety measures and a good understanding of the rules of use are required. Renting equipment for street events in Kharkiv can also include a sparkle. The special effect he produces is a sheaf of sparks about two meters high.

And a device that always delights children is a bubble cannon. The “clouds” of bubbles flying out of it are indeed very spectacular: we recommend inviting a photographer and capturing an extravaganza of soap bubbles with your happy guests!

Aeromen can become a special “character” at the open-air festival. This is an inflatable figure of a man several meters high, which is maintained in an upright position by an apparatus that constantly pushes air inward. And due to the supply of air from the inside, and due to the usual wind, the figure moves - waving his arms and hair, bends in different directions and generally gives the impression of dancing. Aeromen is adored by children and lovers of memorable photos!

In general, contact us - and we will definitely offer something interesting for your event, as well as complement the special effects with professional light and sound.

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