Actors on stilts are a very exotic and extraordinary sight in our time. These are the very kind bikes that have been entertaining people at city festivities, fairs and folk celebrations since ancient times.

Stilt walkers in folk costumes are almost an integral part of the celebration of Maslyana. Each of us has seen artists on stilts at least once in their lives, and we can safely say that the performance of these artists of the original genre fascinates and surprises any viewer.

For what format of holidays is the stilt show suitable?

The main thing to understand is that walking on stilts requires a fairly large open space. It is the open-air venues that can provide comfort and a spectacular performance of actors on stilts.

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If we talk about different formats of the holiday, then stilt walkers can be appropriate both at a children's birthday party and at a wedding.

  • For a wedding celebration, stilt walkers can act as hostesses or animators who meet guests, helping them to comfortably settle down at the wedding location. And also, the show from stilt walkers can be adapted to a wedding theme and become an excellent performance at a welcome buffet.
  • If you are thinking about which animator to order a child for a holiday, then among the standard fairies and characters of fairy tales, you should also consider artists on stilts. This is the very wow effect that will help to involve children in the event and capture their attention.
    An actor on stilts, which can be ordered through our website, can play the role of the main villain or a good giant who is looking for help. It all depends on the scenario of the event.
  • Corporate holidays are always a challenge for those involved in them. After all, organizing a corporate event for a large company is difficult, and making it different from the previous one is even more difficult. Therefore, if you are looking for an unusual solution for a company holiday, stilt walkers are an interesting option.

Regardless of the format and occasion for the holiday, Prosto Event will be able to choose the best images and costumes for each artist at your event. Our original genre artists are always organic!

How much does the stilt show cost?

The price of artists depends on different characteristics and is formed based on a specific request. The cost of actors on stilts is affected by:

  • Artist working hours. The longer the run time, the higher the price.
  • Suits for work show stilt walkers. The cost of the show program in Kharkov will also depend on the appearance of the artists. Some costumes are quite simple and available for rent, in other cases, an individual tailoring of a costume for the theme of the event is possible.
  • Stilt walkers work format: if you want to see a real production from these performers, you should definitely count on a larger budget than just welcoming guests or animating.

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