An original gift for guests at a wedding or corporate party - a drawing with their portrait!

If you are planning an event, then most likely you have already thought about what souvenirs you can give guests as a keepsake of the event?

Photo magnets, small bottles or postcards are great, but think what a wow effect will be at the event if guests can take away a funny cartoon or an elegant portrait as a keepsake?

How much does it cost to order an artist or caricaturist in Kharkov?

Outsourced artist services are a special category of services, because each specialist has his own style, style and drawing format.

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To choose the best option and your holiday went off with a bang, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • What effect do you want to get? Should a custom portrait drawing be funny and make you smile, or should it be something super-elegant and sophisticated?
  • Would you like to order a drawing with a pencil or paints?
    Based on the experience of the Prosto Event event agency, if you are planning a large-scale event with a large number of people, then it is better to give preference to simple pencil sketches. After all, everyone will want to receive such an original gift for a wedding or a memorable souvenir, and no one will want to wait a long time.
  • It may be worth ordering an artist and a cartoonist who will work in parallel: some of the guests will want a cute family drawing, and someone will want a caricature. Give your guests a choice!

The cost of the artist for the event is affected by time, amount of work, as well as the complexity of the drawing.

What holiday is the “Quick drawing from photo” service suitable for?

Most specialists work from a photo of a guest - you approached, took a picture, left it to the artist and took it away after a certain time. You are resting - a caricaturist works to order. Everyone is comfortable.

But for what format of events are the services of a visiting artist in Kharkiv suitable?

  • For the wedding. We are all used to quick photos from the wedding - in Polaroid format or photo booths for rent. If you want to surprise your guests, you can prepare small cards in advance, on which your date and family logo will already be printed, and the artist will add a drawing of a guest or a couple to the center of the composition.
  • For corporate. Organization of a thematic corporate party is becoming more and more popular, and in such a concept, a custom-made cartoon in the style of your event will look great.
  • For birthday. Memories of the celebration in the format of a drawing from a professional artist, even after many years, on all the following anniversaries will be something special for you.

You can get detailed information from our specialists in organizing holidays during a personal meeting or telephone consultation. You can order an artist in the same way in any format convenient for you.

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