These performances will take everyone's breath away: both young children and experienced event goers. Trapeze artists are grace, adrenaline, unpredictability that amaze the imagination of any spectator.

If you are looking for new experiences for holding a holiday in Kiev or Kharkov - ordering trapeze artists will be a great idea.

The price of the performance of artists at the festival will depend on the complexity of the tricks, as well as on the work experience of an acrobatic duo or an individual artist.

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What is important not to forget when ordering trapeze artists?

Aerial acrobats are special artists. In every way!

Of course, having decided to order a trapeze show in Kharkov, you should understand that you need to especially prepare for such a performance:

  • The location for the celebration must be suitable for such performances: the height of the ceiling and the possibility of fastening the gymnastic equipment is a must for performing performances at the celebration.
  • High-altitude stunts are always a big risk and danger, so it is worth considering the characteristics of the audience that will gather at the event. If at an event for adults the performance of trapeze artists to order will look very organic, then it is better for children to order an animator, magician or science show.
  • The technical support of the performance of stunt acrobats requires special care, so it is worth contacting trusted specialists in lighting and special effects, if such are planned at the event.

We work with trusted contractors whom we trust and who trust us, so our event managers will be able to fully advise you, if possible, to order trapeze artists, the price of which will reflect the level of professionalism and training of these artists.

DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION ?! Would you like us to call you back?

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Why is Pro100 Event the best place to order artists?

In our event agency there is an unspoken rule - everything possible and impossible for the sake of a quality holiday. And we really do our best to organize a wedding, corporate or children's party that our clients dream about. By placing an order for the performance of artists from us, you get:

  • Confidence in the quality of contractors and their professionalism.
    It doesn't matter if you are choosing an aerialist for a holiday or if you want to apply for a comprehensive organization of the event.
  • Caring and attentive event support managers, for whom “individual approach” is not just a set of letters, but a daily principle of work.
  • The widest database of performers, dancers, singers, artists of the original genre makes it possible to choose interesting, unusual and brightest for your holiday.

You can find out the price of organizing a wedding or order someone from your favorite artists, for example, trapeze artists, through the studio phones on the website. And, of course, we are waiting for you in our offices for a cup of aromatic coffee or tea!

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