When you look at them, it really seems that time has stopped and froze. That in front of you are real works of art - statues that forever capture a moment from some other era. Until the statues come to life and it becomes clear that this is an illusion. The magic of living statues is now easily available at your party!

  • To create an atmosphere and visualization of the corporate theme of the company.
  • At a wedding to meet guests or work in a photo zone.
  • For thematic holidays: conferences, exhibitions, demonstrations.
  • For any occasion on which you decide to organize a holiday in Kharkov or any other part of the country and the world!

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Where to order living statues in Kharkov?

If you are looking for where to order living statues in Kharkiv at the best price and with a high level of professionalism, you are lucky that you have come to our website. Pro100 Event works only with trusted contractors and can select offers in different price segments. That is why it is best to place an order for the work of living statues at the festival through our website. Why?

  • We always select the best costumes for the work of animators. We worry about the theme, style and organic nature of the performance. It is important for us that your holiday goes like clockwork and that you return to us for turnkey events or, when you decide to order artists for the holiday next time, be sure to remember us.
  • We love our work and care about the details. What does it give you? Confidence that we will take care of everything, and you will only have to enjoy the result: costumes, makeup, transfer, if necessary, installation and dismantling of pedestals - we take all this into our own hands.
  • Experts we trust. Verified contractors are what our company, created to organize a dream holiday, is proud of.

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What images for living statues are the most popular?

Living statues for the holiday is an entertainment that always gathers a lot of people around. Therefore, it is very important to correctly and appropriately select all the details of the images. Bronze or gold statues are viewed from head to toe, which means that no accessory can be out of place!

Most often ordered:

  • Living statues in medieval costumes. Or costumes-symbols of any era.
  • A living statue of a photographer. In this case, not only the costumes look authentic, but also the old camera, which creates an additional entourage.
  • Animators-angels or a living statue of Cupid is the most popular image for all romantic events and, of course, for Valentine's Day.
  • Costumes of historical characters and heroes of books or films.

Also, the event agency “Pro100 Event Agency” can realize any of your most daring ideas for organizing events or selecting artists, animators, performers for the holiday. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you find answers to them!

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