Have you dreamed of organizing a kayaking trip, but didn’t know where to rent kayaks in Kharkov? Simply Event offers the “Kayak Rental” service and, moreover, deals with the comprehensive organization of kayak trips!

You can simply rent a kayak and go on a short trip with your family or close friends. For your safety, we will provide an instructor-guide who will not only tell you all the intricacies of kayak control, but will also prepare for you a picturesque, interesting and non-hazardous route.

And also, you can order the organization of a corporate event, the main highlight of which will be a kayaking trip!

A corporate kayaking event is an original idea for lovers of outdoor activities

Every year we strive to open new formats for holding summer and spring corporate events. After all, organizing a team building event for a large company so that it is not similar to last year’s is a task with an asterisk. And just recently, Prosto Event added a service for organizing corporate events on kayaks.

This may be a bit of a raft for those new to this business. After all, in order to overcome long distances you need to have certain skills and training. Or a full-fledged hike with several stops for the most athletic and active groups. We will select an individual solution for you and will do everything possible to ensure that this vacation brings you only light and pleasant fatigue and good memories.

Is it possible to order kayaking on a turnkey basis?

By turning to an event agency, you certainly want to free yourself from organizational and everyday worries. Why else are we working then? But is there such a service if you rent kayaks? Certainly!

We can not only provide kayaks, the price of which will correspond to the quality of the service, but also fully provide your route with everything you need. In addition to the accompanying instructor, who will tell you what and how to do during the hike itself, you can order catering services or a cooking show in nature.

The final point of your rafting will be a clearing, where a table will already be prepared for you so that you can enjoy food and drinks after sports. Or you can cook delicious meals over an open fire with a professional chef.

The specialists of the Simply Event company will equip a small campsite where you can relax and recuperate. For the most active ones, you can rent attractions: logic games and puzzles for lovers of intellectual relaxation, or active, sports attractions for rent for those who are not tired while kayaking.

Kayaking - vivid memories for a long time

If you want to rent kayaks in Kharkov, we suggest taking an experienced photographer or videographer with you to remember this event in detail. Of course, everyone has a smartphone, but it’s not always safe while kayaking, and besides, you simply won’t have time to do it. And a photographer or videographer will catch all the brightest moments.

Corporate kayaking can be made even more vibrant and friendly through branding elements: T-shirts with the company logo, branded kayaks or the flag of your organization. Such elements help all employees feel like they are part of something bigger, one friendly family. 

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