The holiday was a success only if the guests did not get bored for a second! This will help Pro100 Event Agency! We rent a variety of attractions and activity points for the event any level: from a children's party to a large-scale corporate party. Outdoor and indoor entertainment will add variety to the festive scenario and bring guests together.

Rent of attractions in Kharkov from Pro100 Event Agency

Our goal is to bring variety and fun to your celebration. You will appreciate the benefits of working with Pro100 Event Agency:

A large collection of attractions and games (sports, team, extreme, gambling, children, board and others);
Affordable prices for attractions in Kharkov;
Accompaniment of games by instructors or animators;
Installation and dismantling of games and attractions;
Individual approach to each event.

With games and attractions from Pro100 Event Agency you will arrange a fun and unconventional holiday for your family, friends or colleagues. We guarantee: no one will get bored!

everything (90)
VR (Hi-Tech) (6)
Gambling (34)
Water attractions (7)
Leisure (23)
Intellectual (Logical) (28)
Team (Teambuilding) (68)
Corporate (63)
Tabletop (21)
Sports (24)

Activities and attractions for rent in Kharkov:

  1. For children's events - If kids up to 2-3 years old will have enough fun animator and dance to music, older kids will want more active entertainment... Children from 6 years old will be delighted with the game "Pop the balloon". The boys will gladly arrange RC car racing on an impromptu race track and play table soccer... The cult game "Roulette Cake"Will become a plot for funny stories for the year ahead, and giant Jenga will conquer both children and adults.
  1. For corporate events and teambuildings - Nothing brings a team together like teamwork. We will bring to the venue of the corporate party table hockey for hire, air hockey or mini golf... Also popular magnetic dart and competitions on armwrestling table... Do you want to surprise the team? Then it's worth order the attraction "Mouse Race"... It's time to find out who is real on your team. the king of the mouse race! For corporate events in the fresh air, you can order the activity "Tug of war".
  1. For outdoor activities - Have you decided to spend your holiday on the river bank or in another picturesque place? Then we suggest ordering off-site hookah or medieval shooting range with targets, bows, crossbows and an experienced instructor. Another fun idea for a big company - “Megatwister". The animator will comment on the progress of the game, so get ready to laugh a lot and heartily.
  1. For parties - You celebrate bachelor party or Birthday? We offer to diversify the party with popular American entertainment "Beer Pong". By the way, this is a great test of sobriety! Beer pong for rent - cool entertainment for young people.

A separate place in our entertainment catalog is occupied by gambling: “Mafia","Roulette","Wheel of Fortune"And"Away casino". Our presenters and instructors will conduct the game at a professional level. Each guest will be happy to try their luck and get a lot of vivid impressions. Book a gaming equipment rental and check whose side Mrs. Fortune is on!

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