Giga Fifteen

One of the most popular puzzles in the history of all mankind is tag. Each of us has encountered it at least once, regardless of age.

This game for children and adults can become not only home entertainment or a game on the phone, but also a full-fledged attraction for a corporate party.
How is this possible?

Pro100 Event Kharkov just turned an ordinary game of tag into giga tag, making this rental activity point more spectacular and interesting for the company.

What are the features of the Giga Tag rental game?

We didn't change the rules or come up with a completely new way to play. This is the same familiar puzzle in which you need to put the numbers in order, just on a different scale.

  • A familiar puzzle that is familiar to many. This is what makes the game “Tag” for rent in Kharkov an excellent entertainment for a company of any age. Your guests will feel comfortable and will understand all the rules from the first seconds.
  • The new size of the game allows you to involve more people and turn the game into team building. Even though 1 person moves the pieces, the whole team can take part in thinking about the move.
  • Playing tag at a corporate party, children's birthday party, or any other occasion can be a great way to keep guests occupied during their gathering. Or even become a full-fledged part of the program.

Giga tags are also the answer to the question: How to entertain guests inexpensively? Indeed, among the advantageous aspects of such entertainment is the price of the attraction for rent.


Rental time: up to 5 hours

Included in the price:

  • assembly and disassembly
  • service for the event
  • professional in his field - our instructor
  • full set of necessary equipment
  • master class for beginners

Technical requirements:

  • flat ground
  • dry weather


  • delivery outside of Kharkov is calculated separately
  • photographers Service
  • branding

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Just an event - an agency for organizing events in Kharkov with a wow effect!

Renting and renting games is not the only area in the event industry that our company deals with. We are ready to take on the implementation of the most daring and extraordinary ideas to make your dream holiday a reality.

  • Rent and production of wedding and themed decor: from a wedding arch for rent to the creation of full-fledged interactive areas in the style of your event.
  • Selection of artists and show programs: our managers will find for you a host, show ballet, photo and video specialists. As well as artists of the original genre and will even accompany the stars at your event.
  • Catering and an on-site bar for your holidays outside the city or at outdoor locations is also one of the agency’s options.

With us you can not only rent giant tag games or rent logic games of a different format. Pro100 Event cares about the complexity of services and approaches the holidays with all responsibility.

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