For many, the question still remains, what is the name of that hellish machine in which you need to get a soft toy with the help of tentacles?

We simply call it “Khvatayka Attraction” in the event, but in addition to this, you can often also hear the name of the machine “Crane-car” or even just “Get a toy”. But no matter what the name of this slot machine for rent is, everyone at least once tried to overcome the algorithms of this miracle machine.

Attraction "Khvatayka" - guaranteed to attract the attention of guests!

For many of us, an attraction where you need to get a toy or other prize is something clear and simple. That is why this activity point is great for any company and virtually any holiday format,

  • There are no complicated rules in the game "Get the toy" and the players do not need special skills. So, virtually everyone can take part and try their luck.
  • For a children's party, the attraction for rent Khvatayka will be an ideal solution, but at the same time it will fit well into a corporate event.
  • Long-term rental of the game "crane-machine" can be a great entertainment for office workers or training participants. After all, even the most serious people from time to time want to be children.

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Rental time: up to 5 hours

Included in the price:

  • assembly and disassembly
  • service for the event
  • professional in his field - our instructor
  • full set of necessary equipment
  • master class for beginners

Technical requirements:

  • flat ground
  • dry weather


  • delivery outside of Kharkov is calculated separately
  • photographers Service
  • branding

Activity points - not only games for rent!

At Pro100 Event, we strive not only to entertain guests, but also to complete additional tasks for clients, especially when it comes to company holidays.

  • Activity points are not only a way to cheer up, but also a full-fledged element of the holiday theme. If you want to save on decor, but at the same time keep the concept, you can rent several games in the same style.
  • Zone branding is a must for conferences, performances and master classes. Often our games are rented to entertain guests during gatherings and coffee breaks. This means they can easily be used as an additional point of contact!
  • An opportunity to rally the participants and introduce them in an informal setting. If there are a lot of people at the party who don’t know each other, renting games for events will help get rid of awkwardness.

The game "Khvatayka" in Kharkov can be a great entertainment and addition to your event. If you need a set of games, you can count on special conditions and bonuses from our agency.

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