We've all heard of a game that has spanned generations, a game that gives you a new perspective on old friends and tests your ability to read human emotions. Mafia!

The game Mafia to order is an opportunity for a large company to spend time with fun and taste. And the best part: the larger the company, the more interesting the competition becomes. Additional characters and heroes are introduced, the secret talents of the players are revealed, and the heat of passion reaches its climax.

Based on the experience of organizing holidays, Ukraine loves the Mafia game very much and knows how to make it interesting and bright. This entertainment for the holiday has an incredible number of advantages:

  • Simple rules. You can understand the essence of the game easily and without difficulty. After a couple of moves, you can feel light and reach your full potential.
  • Difficulty in execution. Yes, we didn't mess anything up. That's exactly the advantage. After all, how skillfully you master the skill of hiding your face in the game depends on how interesting and intense it will turn out.
  • We offer you the services of a professional presenter! Together with him, the game will become ten times more interesting. After all, the host for playing the Mafia is both maintaining emotional intensity, and funny jokes, and, what is important, playing according to all the rules and laws.
  • Full immersion in the atmosphere. Just Event Egency has prepared for you a complete game set that will easily help you feel like a real mafia and feel the spirit of the criminal world.

Rental time: 2 hours

Included in the price:

  • Delivery is free* 
  • professional presenter
  • installation / dismantling of the site
  • tablecloth (square or round)
  • thematic maps
  • masks for players

Technical requirements:

  • playground 2 x 2 m
  • table capacity - up to 12 people


  • delivery outside Kharkov in Ukraine is calculated separately
  • chairs
  • beverages
  • photographers Service

Try to play Mafia once and you will love this game forever. Mafia in Kharkov is an opportunity to discover new facets in yourself and test your knowledge in psychology and physiognomy. Perhaps among your friends there is an experienced deceiver who can fool everyone. Can you unmask him?

Secretly, Mafia tournaments are held in the world with fabulous winnings. Perhaps we will launch your career and you will become a world champion?

We provide full preparation for the game, if necessary, we select the location and thematic decor. Together with us you get a comprehensive organization of the game! Try this new world and you will find out why the whole world is in awe of the Mafia!

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