Are you planning a fun party? We know how to diversify the program! "Mega Twister"is a cool game for a group that is suitable for both indoors and outdoor celebrations. Rent Mega Twister in Kharkov you can from Pro100 Event Agency.

What is Mega Twister

The essence of the game is very simple: a large canvas with multi-colored circles is spread on the floor or directly on the ground. The judge spins the roulette and, following the arrow, indicates to each player which circles to move their foot or hand to. After just a few moves, the participants will begin to intertwine with each other, forming funny poses. Whoever does not maintain balance is eliminated from the game. Whoever remains on the field last wins.

Rental time: 5 o'clock

Included in the price:

  • MegaTwister
  • Instructor
  • assembly and disassembly

Technical requirements:

  • Playground 5 x 5 m
  • flat ground


  • delivery is calculated separately
  • photographers Service
  • branding

5 reasons to order Mega Twister:

  1. To install the attraction, you only need a flat surface of 5x5 m.
  2. Mega Twister for rent is suitable for hen parties, stag parties, corporate events, team building and even children's parties.
  3. The game trains intelligence, reaction speed and even stretching! She brings the team together and helps overcome complexes, which is why she is often booked for team building events.
  4. This is a very fun activity during which you can take a lot of funny photos and videos as a souvenir.
  5. The game is simple and understandable for players of any age.

Mega Twister is the key to an unforgettable party!

We rent game for rent for a period of 5 hours. The price includes: Mega Twister, animator, instructor, installation and dismantling. Yes Yes! You get not only a game, but also the support of an animator who will combine the roles of host and judge. He will comment on the progress of the game, joke and raise the morale of the players.

Mega Twister from Pro100 Event Agency will become complete entertainment in your holiday scenario. You can just play or organize a team competition for elimination. Mega Twister for rent lifts the mood and erases the boundaries between colleagues, relatives or guests of the holiday who know each other little. Nobody will be bored!

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