Don't know how to surprise your party guests? And we know! Attraction "Mouse Race" - a cool way to entertain friends or colleagues. Agile mice cannot be bribed with cheese: they will quickly determine who is the main lucky one in your company. And take Mouse racing for hire in Kharkov you will be able to Pro100 Event Agency.

Mouse race - who's lucky?

So, 5 athletic house mice took their positions at the "Start" mark. Each "sportswoman" has her own patron of the guests. Bets are placed, the signal "March!" - and the mice rush to the finish line. Attraction surrounded by everyone present. Adrenaline filled the space. Shouts, cheers, applause for the winner! It was an unforgettable race!

funny Mouse Race is an unusual show that will be appropriate for corporate party, team building, birthday and any party. It will unite gambling people, capture the attention of both adults and kids.

Where to order Mouse race in Kharkiv?

Pro100 Event Agency organizes a turnkey "mouse show":

  • we will deliver the attraction;
  • we will carry out installation and dismantling;
  • we will bring 5 running mice;
  • we will provide an experienced instructor;
  • at the request of the customer, we will provide a cheerful presenter who will comment on the race.

Rental time: 4 hours

Included in the price:

  • assembly and disassembly
  • work of an instructor
  • 5 running mice

Technical requirements:

  • Playground 1 x 2.5 m.


  • delivery is calculated separately

For order mouse race you only need to pay, agree on a time and place. To install the attraction, you need a small platform: 1x2.5 m. Running can be done both outdoors and indoors.

Don't think that Mouse Race will pass quickly. Just like in a big sport, you can arrange an entire championship with semi-finals and a final, reward each participant with prizes and turn the show into the most memorable entertainment. Place bets with fake money or candy to warm up the spirit of excitement. And don't forget the treats for the tailed runners!

To rent a mouse race, connect with Pro100 Event Agency in any convenient way.

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