Table Pinball

The game of table pinball is familiar to many of us thanks to its computer version, where a lot of multi-colored lights and indicators glow on the playing field, hitting each of which brings you points.

Table pinball for hire works a little differently - here you still need to hit the ball with a special shutter - a flipper. But the fact that two people take part in it at once adds excitement to the game!

Is table pinball and paintball the same game?

It is important to understand that these are completely different games. Especially when it comes to event tables. Agree, it is difficult to imagine a mini-version of paintball, where the participants fire at game figures from mini-guns?

Table pinball is not a mobile game for a corporate party and not a sports entertainment. It's more of a live version of a computer game.

Benefits of Table Pinball:

  • Easy to use. There are no super-intricate rules or heaps of stages. The one who scores the most goals wins. And then - sleight of hand.
  • Ordering a table pinball in Kharkiv is easy, because our team will take care of all the intricacies of use - transportation, installation and configuration.
  • There are no special location requirements in this attraction for a company to order - you can set up a pinball table both in an open area and in the lobby of a restaurant or a banquet complex.

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Rental time: up to 5 hours

Included in the price:

  • assembly and disassembly
  • service for the event
  • professional in his field - our instructor
  • full set of necessary equipment
  • master class for beginners

Technical requirements:

  • flat ground
  • dry weather


  • delivery outside of Kharkov is calculated separately
  • photographers Service
  • branding

How versatile is this game?

In order to make your event more eventful, we can choose a set of games for any format of holidays and budget. It doesn't have to be limited to just 1 game. Or maybe it’s better for you to turn to another format of recreation altogether - team building or a quest to leave, for example.

Table pinball is perfect for such holidays:

  • Children's or teenage birthday, which can be difficult to organize. It is never clear what will attract children. But table pinball is exactly what you need.
  • Corporate holiday or company anniversary. Now the format of free corporate parties, when there is no traditional banquet, is becoming more and more popular. The pinball activity area will become one of the favorite places for employees to have fun.
  • Adult birthday or team building.

For openings, presentations or weddings, our other activities from the section are suitable. If you would like to know more about the range - let us know and we will help you make the right choice and find “the one”)

DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION ?! Would you like us to call you back?

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