Singapore Labyrinth

Despite its challenging name, Singapore Maze Hire is an easy game that is suitable for players of all ages.

In order to complete this game, participants will have to use logic, dexterity and a little perseverance. And our professional animators will tell you about all the other rules, who will help guests and create the right atmosphere!

Wooden games for hire - what you were looking for for the holiday!

All clients of the event agency Simply Event want to receive high-quality service, interesting entertainment and a check for services that does not make you worry. Renting wooden games in Kharkov is exactly the opportunity to combine quality and cost in the most profitable combination.

  • Unpretentious attractions for the holiday. Wooden games do not require any special features of the site, they are completely autonomous and do not even need an outlet.
  • A huge variety of board and logic games for rent will allow you to put together your own set, in which you can combine entertainment that is completely different in its principle.
  • Experienced game presenters will help you figure everything out and tell you the rules of any game: be it a Singapore labyrinth, golf, a pneumatic shooting range, or even augmented reality games for rent.

If you decide to organize an event yourself and are thinking about what to choose, our managers will tell you which attractions and activity points to order in Kharkov, based on the format of your holiday.

For event managers and holiday organizers, we have special conditions for renting entertainment and assistance in maintaining our attractions.


Rental time: up to 5 hours

Included in the price:

  • assembly and disassembly
  • service for the event
  • professional in his field - our instructor
  • full set of necessary equipment
  • master class for beginners

Technical requirements:

  • flat ground
  • dry weather


  • delivery outside of Kharkov is calculated separately
  • photographers Service
  • branding

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How to rent the game “Singapore Maze” from the Pro100 Event Agency team?

The convenience of our customers is one of the main principles of the agency’s work. That is why you can choose any method convenient for you to order wooden games for hire:

  • Leave a request to rent the game on our website. The manager will contact you to clarify the details of your order for renting the Singapore Maze attraction or any other entertainment you have chosen.
  • Call us by phone and quickly get all the answers to your questions, starting from “How much does it cost to rent an attraction for a holiday?” to “Is it possible for the animators to wear leaf costumes?” (Believe me, custom requests are our favorite part of event planning)
  • Write to us in Telegram or Viber if you prefer to keep all information and details in correspondence.
  • Come visit Simply Event to make your holiday special. Organizing holidays in Kyiv, Kharkov or any other city is impossible without personal communication. So we will be happy to treat you to coffee or tea and tell you more.

No matter what ordering format you choose, we guarantee that after your first order, you will stay with us for a long time.

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