They say that the one who dances always remains in good physical and moral condition! And we at Prosto Event care about our customers and therefore we recommend that you choose dance attractions as one of the components of your holiday!

The dance machine is an attraction that is familiar to everyone without exception. Each of us at least once in our lives tried to beat this machine, or at least watched the movements of the players trying to keep up with the movement of the arrows on the screen.

For some, a rental dance machine is a memory from childhood, for some it is a way to liberate yourself, and for some it is an entertainment that you always wanted to try, but did not dare. In general, no one will remain indifferent to a dance machine for rent. It doesn't matter if it's a New Year's or summer corporate party, a birthday party or a children's event in Kharkiv. Dancing is always on trend!

Dance Machine, Dance Revolution (DDR) and Pump It Up (PIU) as they call this attraction for rent. Nevertheless, the name “dance machine” or “dance machine” is more familiar to us. The principle of operation of this device is simple: you choose the level of difficulty and repeat the movements that the machine offers you, stepping on the necessary arrows. Who was more accurate - he won!

Rental time: up to 4 hours.

Included in the price:

  • control panel with monitor
  • dance floor for 2 people
  • dance and play package
  • assembly and disassembly 
  • work of an instructor

Technical requirements:

  • playground 2x3 m
  • connection to the 220V network

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  • For a corporate holiday, ride rental is an indispensable part of the program. Each guest finds entertainment to his liking and has the opportunity to try himself in different tests. The dance machine is a solution for active and cheerful children. Your employees are exactly like that - then ordering a dance machine for an event is a must.
  • Team building in Kharkov is now becoming much more interesting, because there are many options for how to organize everything. Dance machine rental can become part of a quest or task for teams. In addition, this format helps to relax and relieve tension, if any.
  • The kids love the dance machine! Both kids and teenagers love active games, and what could be more fun than dancing to modern music. Let your kids try their hand at dancing. By the way, dancing can easily become the basis for a conceptual children's holiday!

Activity points in Kharkov is one of the constantly developing areas of work of our company, which means that we always strive to maintain the quality of our services at the highest level and replenish our arsenal with attractions for every taste.

If you want to order a dance machine, we will be happy to provide you with a comprehensive service, including its installation, transportation and dismantling. After all, your successful holiday is our main task.

We can pick up for you several themed rides for rent, which can not only entertain guests, but also become part of the decor and decoration. For example, casino-themed attractions will help you create the right atmosphere and minimize decor costs.

We have many offers for your holiday. Pro100 Event Agency solves any problems in the field of events.

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