Are you planning May holidays or want to organize a corporate party in the summer? Prosto Event is sure that it is hard to imagine a summer corporate party, Mayovka or a family holiday without a pond nearby. After all, it is entertainment for children and recreation for adults. But simply swimming in a pool, river or lake quickly gets boring. What to do to diversify summer leisure?

Summer Vacation Ideas

We are for a quality vacation near the water in Kharkov, and therefore we have a couple of ideas on what to do on the beach or how to make a corporate party in the summer original and fun. And above all, these are water rides for rent!

Order an inflatable water slide or original swimming circles, take props for water polo or slippery football - this is guaranteed to improve the quality of any event near the water.

Entertainment of this format - rental of water rides - is suitable for kids and adults, because regardless of age, we all love positive emotions.

Event agency in Kharkov Pro100 Event Agency is a wide range of water rides for rent.

You can choose your favorite position from the category "attractions and activity points" on our website, and event managers will tell you all the details of rent, transportation and, of course, the rules of use.

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A wide range of water rides for rent is a must for Pro100 Event

At our event planning company, we strive to give our clients the widest possible choice for different budgets and formats. And also, take into account personal preferences and each time offer something new. After all, organizing a summer corporate party is a task that is set every year, which means that every time you need to surprise! We always strive to pick up something new for the category "Rental and rent of water attractions in Kharkov

What are the water rides for rent?

For all lovers of extreme sports, we offer to order a ride on a water banana or a tablet. These are entertainments that are familiar to many from childhood. Only now for this it is not at all necessary to go to the sea for this. We will bring everything to you!

You can even go water skiing!

For children, water swings for rent or inflatable slides are perfect. It is safe and fun activities for kids in the water. By the way, if there is no reservoir where you are relaxing, we can put a huge inflatable pool and provide everyone with cool summer leisure. In such a pool, you can ride in a huge inflatable ball or a zorb tube.

Renting water polo or football goals is also a popular attraction during the summer. If you did not find information about the attraction you are interested in on our website, just call us and we will find solutions to the event task of any complexity.

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