Do you think that the water attraction "Banana" is an entertainment available only during a holiday at sea?

Of course not!

Simply Event erases the boundaries and offers a wide variety of attractions for rent for the holidays: from logic games and puzzles to extreme and water rides! And the attraction "Water Banana", or as it is also called "Water Sleigh", is now available for rent for everyone who wants to experience vivid emotions and loves entertainment in the water.

If you want to hold a summer corporate party in an original way, order rides for the whole company and give your employees a boost of vivacity and energy for many months of hard work! We know from personal experience that holidays with attractions or team building games are much more fun and brighter than without them.

A water banana for rent is suitable for both a young company of vacationers and adults already! After all, in our hearts we always remain children, regardless of our age.

By the way, about children, the technology that is used in the inflatable attraction has been tested by time and experience, it is completely safe for children aged 6-8 years. Entertainment for children in this format is something that a lot of people will definitely like.

Rest near the water is always a special kind of leisure in the summer and ordering rides that can make it even brighter, more pleasant and more interesting is a great gift to all lovers of active pastime.

A water banana in Kharkov for rent is:

  • Fun and emotional, regardless of the format of the holiday: whether it's a corporate party or a birthday, we can organically fit the attraction for rent into the concept of the event.
  • Unexpected and pleasant. For many, the idea of ordering a water banana is associated with a trip to the sea and a summer vacation. And the chance to plunge into this atmosphere for at least a couple of minutes without leaving far from the city is unrealistically cool.
  • Suitable for children and adults, the design of the water sled is safe and, of course, we provide life jackets, which guarantees you confidence during the trip.
  • A memory that will stay with you for a long time. We remember the brightest, and emotions while riding a banana in Kharkov are bright on 100%.
  • In the summer heat, it is incredibly pleasant to ride a water attraction for rent, because it is so refreshing.

Renting attractions in Kharkov and throughout Ukraine is one of the most popular services of our agency, and all because we monitor the quality of each entertainment to the maximum and do our best to make you happy.

If you want to organize a holiday, but don’t know which format to choose, what is fashionable now, what entertainment to choose for a wedding, and which ones are suitable for a children’s holiday, we will be happy to create a unique holiday for you from A to Z.

The best specialists will give you a dream event.

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