Even if you don't like football at all, you will definitely like this rental activity point! A bright, fun and positive air soccer game!

How is it different from regular football? The fact that this attraction at the event requires very little space, it does not require special skills from you, and even a team of 11 people does not need to be assembled. Find yourself a partner and play at a corporate party, team building or any other private event!

Advantages of air football in Kharkiv

This event game is a great way to entertain employees or party guests during a gathering or a musical break. Rules are not the main thing here. The main thing is to get maximum pleasure. Why is such an attraction for an event in Kharkov profitable?

Rental time: up to 4 hours.

Included in the price:

  • everything you need to play

Technical requirements:

  • Smooth platform 2 by 2 meters
  • Up to 4 hours of rent
  • Minimum additional equipment
  • Suitable for any company
  • Uncomplicated rules
  • No additional skills to use
  • Minimum site requirements
  • Nice price for renting an attraction
  • Always in a good mood, because in this game the main thing is not the result

So what is the essence of air soccer?

Everything is very simple: two players are located inside a football field (yes, it is inside) and, using the force of their breathing, they are trying to score a goal to the opponent. The winner is the one with the most hits. The corporate game, the price of which will surely please you, always takes place in a light and relaxed atmosphere, because you must admit that heads playing football are an unusual sight in itself.

Together with the rental of an attraction for a holiday, we offer the services of a host-animator who will be both a judge and a funny commentator of all events on the "field". Rest assured, jokes and stories from Pro100 Event Agency will complement any event and will cheer up your guests regardless of age and hobby. But especially, of course, this game will appeal to fans and fans of football.

You can order an air football attraction in Kharkiv simply by calling us on the phone. Our managers will be happy to advise you and, possibly, help you choose other entertainment for the event. After all, we have the largest game library in Kharkov:

  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Cockroaches and rat races
  • Giga Tower
  • Various races
  • Mafia
  • Lie detector
  • And much, much more that will make your holiday bright.

Pro100 Event Agency is a holiday agency that works for your smiles!

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